Monday, 16 January 2012

Family weekends

We spent the week unwinding.

No gaming.

Just old school family games.

You know I am all for rewinding.

Taking back childhood.

Slowing things down a little.

Sometimes the pace of life just gets too fast and childhood is one of the things that is getting faster & faster.

It's too fast for me and I am grown up!

It is important to me as a parent to find a balance between progressing with my children in our awareness and engagement with the ever changing world but allowing some time to go slow & be children.

I guess fundamentally it is what I do with my approach to food too.

I am happy to use some very modern gadgetry to help me but at the heart of it I like to use simple & excellent quality produce grown by people who care about producing food with love.

I try to use Organic products wherever I can.

I like most of all to buy my produce direct from the farmers.

Otherwise from Melbourne's other lovely markets.

Melbourne now has a wide range of farmers markets across the city where you can engage with the people who grow the products you buy.

We are so lucky to have this all at our feet!

It is one of our family's favourite weekend activities.

The kids love it as much as me & hubby.

They talk to the farmers too, asking them questions. listening carefully to what they have to say.  Learning important stuff.

We don't usually have a list of things to buy but just buy what takes our fancy- and usually A LOT takes our fancy and we struggle with our trolley and the five kids back to the car!

It is a whole lot nicer in every way than fighting our way through the ghastly stupidmarket to do our shopping!

Look at these pics of Saturday morning's farmers market at Collingwood Children's farm, where we did our shopping on Saturday.

Would you rather be stuck at the checkout or here?

I know where I would rather be.....

Hard to believe it is in inner city Melbourne isn't it!

You can find our more about Melbourne Community Farmers' markets here.

One of the reasons I was there this Saturday was to finally meet in real life the very gorgeous people behind Daylesford Organics. The business of Kate & Bren.

You may know of Kate from Foxs Lane. She of the magnificent crafty uber cool Vintage caravan and travels around Australia with her DIVINE family & tell us all about it in heart-wrenchingly honest style!  Yes her. OH me oh MY!!!!! 

Well, Kate & I have been writing little missives to & fro a while. It was certain we would meet one day 'In Real life'.  We share a slice of our souls I am sure.  

And now they were back in town & I was DAMN sure I was going to get to squeeze that Ace Ladycakes as soon as I could!

So we took our troops to meet that Foxy lady and her foxy family that day.

It was fantastic to finally hug.  

To squeeze that loveliness.  

And then we went home with dozens of golden loveliness in boxes from those Foxes (I'm getting all Dr. Seuss on you!) and I needed to make Mayo!

I had another of my gorgeous friends coming over for lunch (my beautiful friend Colette from Ut Si cafe & gallery )and was making a massive steak sandwich to share between lots of hungry adults. I needed a good herby Mayo to go on that steak sanga- and boy did those eggs make good Mayo! 

And then because Kate & I had had NOWHERE near enough of each other I invited them to come for dinner at our place that night after the markets.

It was one of the BESTEST ever days.......a day filled with things so dear to my heart. Music, food & LOVE. Shared with people I care about.

Happiness & LOTS of it.

I went to bed a very happy fact I am still smiling days later at the thought that it won't be long before our families get together again.
I could not have been happier to have these beautiful people at our table sharing beer, home made pizza, coffee & life.
Did you know how EASY mayonnaise is to make from scratch?
It really is.
I like to use the whole egg as I can't stand the waste.  And it is easier! No separating the eggs....
I grew up eating Mayonnaise that my Mum made.  It was always delicious.  And although it will keep in the fridge for a few weeks I don't recall it ever lasting that long!
You can add whatever herbs you wish.
I had some fresh Basil & lots of parsley so that is what is in this recipe and I used my own Mustard (recipe for that here).
This recipe makes about 3 cups.
I HOPE you NEVER buy shop bought mayo again!
  • 2 whole organic eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 cups vegetable oil
  • 1/2 tspn salt
  • 1/2 bunch Parsley
  • 1/2 bunch Basil
  • 2 tblspoons Mustard
Add herbs, mustard & salt to food processor and blitz.
Add eggs, mustard & vinegar and process till combined.
Set food processor on to a slow speed and drizzle oil in a slow & even stream to the egg & herb mix until it is a nice thick consistency.
Put into a sterile container & refrigerate. 
It will keep in the fridge for several weeks.

And because tonight I have a date with Polly Jean I just HAVE to share an ol fave of hers with you:


  1. What a gorgeous post! *That's* an inner-city farmers' market? You guys are blessed! What makes me smile is the shopping trolley on grass :)

    And it does look YUM!

    I see you revving up the troops :)

    OK, I'm starting my egg post now!

    1. I am looking forward to seeing your post Sharon!

  2. Gorgeous post full of gorgeous words and people and food. X

  3. PJ and market goodies (including the market peeps) = good stuff

  4. yum! I really want to try this (and we do have some yummy daylesford eggs left...)

    We (me and my girl) were at the market too - I wonder if we crossed paths without knowing... it was such a wonderful morning (and yep, seeing Kate was a highlight!). Maybe we'll meet each other loitering at the egg stall next time?

    1. Hi Catherine! I hope you do and I hope it is a success! let me know how you get on.
      we may well have crossed was busy wasn't it! so lovely to see all those farmers being rewarded for all their efforts!
      Great to have you visit my blog & thanks for commenting. x

  5. Ohmygod meeting you and your six boys made my weekend.
    I'm still smiling too.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful and kind words and for all your support.
    We are so going to make this, it sounds YUM!!!
    CANNOT WAIT until we meet again. xx

    1. SO glad you feel the same.
      And so glad you are going to make Mayonnaise!

  6. and oh my god it looks like i have short hair!

  7. Love the busker with all the little kids round him :-)
    Kate you do look like you have short hair, and beautiful either way!

  8. I love your thoughts on slowing down to enjoy your children's childhoods. I've been musing in a similar train of thought a lot lately. My little twins are not yet two and already it's going to fast!
    Love your blog x

    1. Hi Sadhbh,
      thankyou so much for taking the time to comment & so glad you love my blog!.
      Yes they grow way too fast don't they.
      Sometimes I wish I had a pause button.

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  10. This is a lovely story, I agree with your sentiments, I love the way you think. Great blog post

  11. Kids are fun to have but it can be exhausting trying to make them have fun.


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