Monday, 16 July 2012

Childhood is never long enough.

And just like that it is quiet.

I have returned home from the first school drop off in two weeks.

The two week hiatus from being woken by an alarm is over.

Back to making lunches.

In the blink of an eye a strange calm has veiled my house.

The first week we were still in flu recovery here.

The second week was a mix of playground and home.

Nothing special.

No big holiday anywhere.

Just lots of time together.

Sometimes with extras.

Sometimes not.

My kids are happy to just be together, they don't hassle me for stuff or to go places.

They are just content to be.

To be kids together.




Long may it last.

Childhood is never long enough.......

Either are the holidays.

BLACK TURTLE BEAN & CORN SALSA (recipe adapted from Thomasina Miers book : Mexican Food Made simple ):
I love cooking (and eating) all types of cuisines.
We have been experimenting a little with Mexican food lately.
I mentioned on my facebook page about my family watching Thomasina Miers together.
My sister and her husband lived in Mexico for a while and I guess I have always had an interest in the culture and food since she lived there.
On the weekend my eldest lad (13yo) wanted to cook a Mexican fiesta.
He planned the menu.
He wanted it to be fish based. He is a big fan of Ceviche.  You will find my recipe for ceviche in Pip Lincolne's Good stuff Holiday Guide.
His menu was~ Crispy Panko fish, ceviche, chunky  guacamole & black bean & corn salsa. He served it all with mini tortillas so everyone could jsut pop whatever they wanted in Tortillas. 
Needless to say it was DELICIOUS!
I especially loved the salsa- I made fritters for breakfast the next day with the leftovers by adding 1/2 a cup of SR flour and an egg (I also added some green chilli). 
NB: the dressing for this Salsa will be on lots of other food I serve- it is da BOMB!!!!)
This salsa would be gorgeous served with anything in my opinion.  Or just on it's own.
My 12yo has asked for it as a school lunch this week. YUM.

(for the dressing)

  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 5 slices of Japaleno chillies (we used the ones in jar)
  • a generous pinch of sea salt
  • a heaped teaspoon of ground cumin
  • juice of a lime
  • 2 tblspoons EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
  • lots of freshly ground black pepper

(for the salsa)

  • 1 corn on the cob
  • 100g cooked Black Turtle beans (we found them at a local Asian grocer- they are used in some dessert dishes in Asia, but if you live in Melbourne you will find them at Casa Iberica too)
  • 4 spring onions, finely sliced
  • 3 tomatoes, chopped into small dice
  • more jalapenos if desired (we didn't put anymore in as we were feeding littler kids with less chilli tolerance)
  • 1/2 bunch of fresh coriander, chopped roughly
Pop the garlic, jalapenos, salt & cumin into a Mortar & pestle and grind to a paste. Savour the amazing perfume!

Wouldn't the world be less of an amazing place without Cumin?! - i really believe that. I LOVE it soooo much!

Now add the lime, ground pepper & EVOO. 

Simmer the corn for about 5 minutes in salted water & then slice the kernels off the cob.

Add them into a large bowl.
Add Black Turtle beans, spring onions & tomatoes & pour dressing over. 
Add fresh Coriander & combine well.


Howe Gelb is one of my absolute favourite musicians.  Prolific. And every new album a surprise. Often collaborating with new musicians. He has so much magnificent music in him. May he continue to share it so beautifully with us.
Here is a gorgeous little doco about him and his collab with some Flamenco musicians:


  1. Love LOVE the action shots of 1 & 2...SUPERB
    Bravo to your fabulous "eye" and to your continuing success as CEO of one of the loveliest companies I know. X x

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  3. Dearest Ruth,
    Two quotes for you today.

    First from Amelie when the man in the bar says "When you're a kid,time just drags. Then suddenly you're 50." I certainly know that feeling!

    Despite the foodiness of your blog,one thing rings true;quality. Quality time with your family-not getting bogged down in the thick of thin things. The fact that your children enjoy being together is down to both you and Guy creating an environment conducive to your boys feeling the confidence to be themselves.
    Well done young bean!

    The second quote which I tell myself often is the final line of 'Still Life With Woodpecker' by Tom Robbins;
    "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

    That's something your boys will never have to quote.

  4. Such brilliant shots of your boys!
    Thanks for this recipe, we have loved Mexican food since
    travelling there before the children came along!

  5. Everything in this entry is brilliant.

  6. These photos are gorgeous! :D

  7. too many gorgeous piccies is never enough - ever.

  8. lovely pics x and i totally agree that the holidays just go way too quick. i love the winter ones because we do a lot of hanging out at home, playing board games, painting, cooking and grabbing a bike ride when the weather allows. i wish it could be this every day forever and forever. we were blessed to have a pupil free day today and it was a lovely sunny one that we made the most of. hope the next term rushes by and we all find ourselves in the swing of the holidays again sooner than expected. x

  9. Lovely post Ruth. Those swing jumps are pretty awesome. Its so lovely to watch brothers just hanging out so beautifully! And as always thank you for the music links. I too love Howe Gelb
    Gerry (instagram: auntygerrysnest)

  10. These are such beautiful and inspiring photos Ruth! You and your family are gorgeous and you genuinely inspire me both in the kitchen and with my parenting of my kids (a lot of which also happens in the kitchen!!!) I have 2 young boys and you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would!!!) the number of people who keep saying to me I must try to have a girl. It gets to the point where I think I must be weird for not caring at all about that!!! Especially when I look at the amazing camaraderie your boys have together. I hope we are lucky enough to have more children, and if I am lucky enough to have a happy, healthy troop of boys who loved me and each other, I think I'd be over the moon!!! I feel this so strongly when I look at your photos and when I see my kids playing so happily together.


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