Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Invest in People

You already know how I love to share.

You already know how my basis for cooking and indeed this entire space is to share.

To share my cooking, yes.

But it is to share LOVE that really matters.

Food is just an expression of that.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

Or fancy.

It is the intention that is what matters.

Yes, I love to make my food look pretty.

I am an aesthetic person and I love to look at pretty.

But I appreciate food beyond this just as I do with other things in life.

It is the sharing that is the MOST important thing.


I read this caption below in one of my very favourite magazines.

I have read the book that the quote comes from too.

Heartbreakingly AMAZING.

The quote resonated with me so very much.

It is people that we need to invest in.

and LOVE.

This magazine is full of pretty but it is SHARING that is at the heart of it.

The simple act of sharing as love.

That is why I LOVE it so much.

The lovely folk at Kinfolk have given me a copy of the latest issue to share with you!

How ace is that!

LUCKY you!

It's because I LOVE you!

I DO!!!!!

All you need to do is leave a comment below about how you invest in those you LOVE and I will pick a winner!


Comment away!

NB: To be eligible to win I need to be able to contact you via email so we can organise delivery of  your copy!
Entries close Wednesday 5th September 8pm.

I LOVE beetroot.
I used to despise it. 
The canned sliced variety made me shudder.  Many years later I discovered REAL beetroot.
It was a revelation.
So many beautiful things grow beneath the earth- garlic, spuds, jerusalem artichokes, horseradish and BEETROOT amongst many others.....
I came up with this recipe last night for dinner after buying two glorious organic bunches of Beets at the market.  
Today it is in lunchboxes.
It would be the BEST picnic dish.
So pretty and just as delicious cold as it was hot.
I served the hot version with the leaves and stems that i panfried in a little butter and a teaspoon of cumin seeds. DELISH.
DON'T throw away the stems or the leaves. They are delish (and super pretty) in salads or cooked up in anyway that you would normally cook spinach.

Maybe you can make this to take on a picnic to share with someone you love.
Go on! 

  • 2 bunches of small beets
  • 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar
  • a good glug of Balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • 3 stems of fresh thyme
  • 200g fetta (100g goes in to cook and 100g to crumble over later)
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped fine
  • EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
  • 2 sheets of puff pastry
  • 1 egg

Preheat your oven to 180C.

Trim the stems & leaves of the beets and set aside to use later.  

Steam the beets skin on (if you peel the beets the colour will all leech out while they cook) for about 20 minutes or until just soft . 

Take out of the pan and rub the skin off gently- when cooked it should just slip off.

Slice in half.

Place a good glug of EVOO into a non stick pan on medium heat.

Add garlic and fry for a minute or so.

Add beets and red wine vinegar & sugar.

Cook for 5 minutes or until all the sugar has dissolved and the sauce is looking syrupy.

Add the Balsamic and cook or another 2 minutes and remove from the heat.

Place the beets in a pie dish. They do not need to touch but need to be fairly uniformly placed around the dish.  (I put them in so the flat side was facing up- I wanted the lovely round beets to be facing up when the tart was inverted, but this is totally up to you) 

Crumble 100g of fetta around the beets.

Pour over the syrupy sauce.

Now place the puff pastry over the top of the beets and tuck in around the edges.  It doesn't need to be perfect- this will end up being the base of your tart.

Brush the pastry top with egg wash & place in the oven for 30 minutes or until it is nice and brown.

Remove from oven and place a plate over the pie dish (it needs to be a little bigger than the pie dish) and invert pie dish & revel in your awesomeness!

Now add the extra fetta & some thyme. 

My music post is a little different today. Not so much a song. But something very special nonetheless.
I first saw it ages ago.
It has been around a while but maybe you haven't seen it.
It REALLY is worth watching from beginning to end. It makes me cry at the loveliness.
It is one of the most lovely things I have seen on the internet EVER.....


  1. Hi, I invest in those I love by being there for them, making myself available and sometimes that involves sacrificing things but it is always worth it.
    My email is
    Thanks for the opportunity

  2. I think investing in people is key! As is sharing- your love, your knowledge, your skills & even sharing the things your not good at because it gives others an opportunity to share THEIR knowledge!
    For me investing in my kids is most important. I am trying super hard to let them grow into their own people but at the same time pass on the things I think are important, the qualities I want them to possess. For two boys who are growing up in the same house with the same parents they couldn't be more different but I hope they step into the world each day knowing they are capable of being great, knowing they are loved & knowing right from wrong. Only time will tell if my investment will pay off but I have a funny feeling it will.....xx

  3. Gorgeous recipe! I love how fresh it looks! thanks for sharing!

  4. Our investment is teaching - We go to the farmers markets together and start to understand about food.. that it takes time that sometimes it's not in season. We sit together after school and cuddle and read and talk about problems and good things and then draw and play together. We look after Pop, he has vascular dementia and alzheimer's and spend time with him play him his favourite music and do occupational therapy and give him lots of cuddles as he lights up from the music and cuddles. We have family meals together and value what each other says. We have cuddles first thing in the morning for a great start to the day. We help our friends in every way that we can. We value people for who they are.

  5. Don't include me...just wanted to say. YES! xxx

  6. Wise words as always! I love this quote simple yet so true. I have also recently learnt to love beetroot after growing it myself and tasting the 'real stuff'. This recipe sounds great, another one for me to try. Please don't include me in your kind give-away as I already have this beautiful magazine!

  7. I am going to cook this this weekend and it is going to be amazing!

  8. I agree! I invest in those I love by making sure I create time to call or skype my family and old friends, since attending the uni I want to means living on the opposite side of the country to them. I miss them so much, and strive to remind them of that as often as possible.

  9. Lovely post Ruth and a great recipe to boot. My wife Cate has recommended so many times that I should read that book-I'll have to now, cheers Steve

  10. The people I love know it, as they will all have something I've made for them.
    Whether it be a lovingly made meal, a cake or sweets.
    Or something knitted, fingerless gloves or a scarf.
    Bunting for a party. Sewing for a baby. A mixtape, old-fashioned, but still the best.
    Or even just a little handwritten note. To let them know, they are appreciated and loved.

  11. Like you Ruth, I often invest in those I love through food. I've been investing a lot in others lately and I am feeling a little bit weary and i feel like i need to invest a little bit in me too. It's hard though isn't it? xo

  12. Oh, Ruth, that video is a gem! It's put a smile on my face to start my day, thank you!

    I am definitely making that tart, oh my, yes I am. Delish is not the word, it looks divine!

    I agree, sharing is the essential seasoning in life. (Even though I have never actually seen one of their magazines) I love everything about Kinfolk, from the idea to the presentation. We must never underestimate the importance of Beauty. The practical takes care of itself, but it is Beauty that gives us the true measure of how well we are doing at appreciating and honouring this gift of life that we have.
    So, aside from ensuring my dearlings have a great deal of beauty in their lives, and also, teaching them to notice and appreciate it too, I have to say, we are 'on the same page' when it comes to sharing. For me it is all about gatherings. Gathering together people who are important to me, and sharing food, time, laughter and love. This, very much, has been cranked up this summer and we have had the best one in years!
    That quote you began with is going up on my wall, thank you!

  13. What a beautiful post....and delicious looking recipe. Totally agree in investing in people and I think that is as simple as listening. Listening to what they have to say, what their challanges are, what their positive moments may be. By listening, we can learn a lot.

  14. Not surprised this made you smile today. Beautiful words. Thankyou. Love the recipe too - will give it a whirl. Have you pickled your own beetroot before? That's magic.

  15. Love this post and that quote.
    How do I invest in those I love? I don't know... just being there I guess? I research and I plan, making strategies for our future...
    Food is really not my thing - I love eating it, but cooking is for essentials in our house and not much more... I am however, very good at BUYING food! Does that count?

  16. I love beetroot and fetta (and eggplant and spinach too), I am so going to make this. Thank you.
    This clip is gorgeous. So true, the loving kindness stuff. Kurma Dasa says that the cooks conscience/intention during the cooking process transfers to the food.
    Oh, thank you, but dont include me in the giveaway

  17. Dear Ruth,
    Love to me is my immediate family, they 'have me at hello'. As life has gone on I have lost my own family through death or from hearts that are not shared.
    And through all of that I have grown... I am over 50 but feel 30 and my girls are magnificent women and my husband divine. I think you are wonderful and I love the comfort of beautiful words. I am so lucky and I love that we can talk, can disagree, can argue and return to a common place of love and respect for each other.... and beyond my treasured family, I have friends 'who complete me'..
    I met you through Instagram. You are fab. (dinternicath)

  18. I loved your post. A beautiful quote. Investing time into my children makes my life worthwhile. Watching them grow, giving them advice, supporting them without judgement is an ongoing challenge but a real investment into their future and creating people who hopefully will invest their time and patience and support into others. Giulia. X

  19. Always enjoy reading your lovely blogposts and I'm definitely going to try this recipe! Heartwarming video to be sure...

  20. I love making those I love happy, whether it be buying them something they really want, or just cooking a family favourite that will warm their insides, the smile on their faces is always worth the time and effort x

  21. My little community has a foodie "club", where we each host a lunch once a month. The host picks a cookbook (or foodie blog, like yours!!) and everyone cooks something from it... Everyone gets to experience something they may not have, and the kids get exposed to some AWESOME new flavours. It's not a new idea, but it's a goodie! We love to share the love.

  22. You have no idea how happy this post just made me. Not only am I also completely in love with Kinfolk but I also adore beetroot and have been watching this Kindness clip for a couple of months now. Yay for all this awesomeness in one little lovely post.

    I am a firm believer of showing love to the people that I most adore by sharing and making beautiful food for them. I get so much joy out of someone else enjoying meals that I have put love and effort in to for them.

    I recently celebrated my 1 year single anniversary and to show love to all of my friends that have supported and encouraged me throughout this year I decided to cook a massive meal and have everyone come and celebrate with me. It was honestly one of the most touching evenings of my life and there was so much love and energy emitting from everyone that it became rather overwhelming.

    Thank you for making my morning. I would cook something for you to show you my love if we were near each other. Or maybe you could email me your address and I could post you a little something something.

    Thank you!

    thecerealdiner at gmail dot com

  23. I invest in those I LOVE by being present and in the moment. xx

  24. I want to give this book to my best friend. Although we are not blood related, she is my kinfolk !

  25. Ruth, you're such a dear! What a lovely sentiment. ^_^

    Well, I like to try to give back to people who have inspired me or make me happy. I have so many talented and beautiful people on my Ravelry friends list, and their beautiful work and their skill just blows my mind and makes my heart full. So I like to look through the patterns and projects that these friends have queued or favorited - the things that inspire them and make them happy - and then randomly buy the patterns for them with a sneaky little message of "Just because! x"

    I also love making things for people, not because they asked, but just because. Just because... just because... Because people are lovely and worth it, that's why!

    I think it's a thing that foodies and knitters/crocheters share... that act of creation and giving. It's a beautiful thing, and I'm so glad that the people around me are completely on the same page. ^_^

  26. Investment is all about time for me, for the family, yes, and also for me, the school community, my own friends and family friends, my Old Trolls... time, slowness, listening... Did enjoy that video very much, understated makes a big statment sometimes. AND a beetroot recipe! What a feast of a post!

  27. Hi Ruth,
    I've just stumbled across your blog via Meet Me at Mikes and I'm loving it. I am supposed to be taking my dog for a walk as it's such a beautiful morning, but really want to read more. Your blog is just the inspiration I need to get back on track cooking & nurturing for my family as I've wandered off a bit lately. So thank you - just the reminder that I needed. :)

  28. I have to tell you that I did make your beetroot tarte tatin last night and it was utterly delicious and enjoyed by all!


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