Friday 12 July 2013

The Family Table. Part 5. Monty Dimond from Show and Tell Online

A couple of years ago when I first started writing this blog I thought about what it was that I wanted to share.
It started as a way of me sharing my food knowledge and my passion for preparing real food for our families.

More importantly though I like to think that I give people the confidence to appreciate that the magic that is the Family dining experience is NOT just about the food.
While the food is what draws us to the table it should be considered but ONE of many things that are shared and indeed NOT the most important one.

LOVE to me should always be the single most important ingredient that is shared at our family table. Without LOVE the food and the entire dining experience is just another meal. But with it our souls as well as our tummies are nourished.

It is with this in mind that on Fridays I will be sharing with you my new series- The Family Table- where super special guests share their family dining experiences with us. It is a way of appreciating that there are infinite ways of dining together.
My wish is that every single one of my readers makes The Family Table part of their own family life.
I am so excited about this series and have some of my very favourite family sorts lined up to share with us their Family Table experiences over the coming weeks.

This week I welcome Katie 'Monty' Dimond to my Family table.
Monty has most recently created the site 'Show and Tell online' with two friends.
The Show and Tell team. (L) Brooke, (C) Monty, (R) Stacey
Like all good ideas it was borne over a delicious meal!
Show and Tell is a website with a mix of all sorts of great content to inspire people to be happy.
Monty is also involved in Radio & TV, as well as juggling being a mum to Bax & partner to Sam.

You can find the Show and Tell website here.

or follow on Twitter here.

or on Facebook here.

I am very grateful to Monty for joining us at the Family Table.

Over to Monty ~

1.) Can you please share a little about how your family shares food?

My boyfriend Sam and I have an 18 month old son (Bax) who is gorgeous but FULL ON. As soon as he started walking we quickly learnt that we can't eat in peace until he is catching some zzz's. Sam and I love food, lots, so we always enjoy sitting down to dinner at 7.01pm every night. The second our son closes his eyes we eat. 
We have recently moved and when I say recently I mean about a year ago and we still don't have a dining table. I know, its criminal. So we eat our dinner around our coffee table. 
We usually have friends over for a meal most weekend and we all huddle around the coffee table. It is very relaxed. I actually can't wait until we get a proper table to eat at though, it will be much more pleasant to sit in a chair rather than on a cushion.

2.) Do you have hard & fast eating rules?

I LOATHE diets, I think they are dangerous, ridiculous and DO NOT WORK. I really want my son and my future kidlets to grow up having a really healthy relationship with food. 
I always want beautiful fresh food available in our fridge and pantry while also not denying them treats. We don't let our son have chocolates or lollies yet, he has plenty of time to eat that stuff, at the moment  I like to see him eat things that help his little body grow.

3.) Can you share with us where your cooking influences/inspiration are from?

I'm not a great cook and to be honest have only recently started to enjoy it. My boyfriend is vego so I don't cook much meat at all. There are so many beautiful cook books and recipes online that if I feel like cooking, I usually look up one ingredient and get inspired from that. Such as lentils, so many ace lentil recipes out there. 
I like simple, easy but tasty meals. If there is more than around five ingredients I lose interest pretty quickly.

4.) Do you have a favourite cuisine?

I love Mexican but it has to be fresh and clean. There is a fab Mexican restaurant near our place and we are nearly at the point we can call up and order 'the usual'. I also love Japanese food. I'm a little addicted to soft shell crab rolls as the moment.
5.) Can you recall a super special meal or eating experience that has stayed with you forever?

One of my favourite restaurants is Taxi in Melbourne. Every time we go there we have delicious food and great chats. One of my favourite times was when i went with two of my beautiful girlfriends and we had great convo's, giggled lots, and ate like pigs. It was heaven.

6.) Would you please share the recipe of your favourite family meal with us?

My boyfriend doesn't cook that often but occasionally on a weekend he will feel like playing Chef. He has made zucchini linguine a couple of times and I must say he has nailed it. So yummy.
Monty's fave Zucchini Linguine- click here to go to the recipe published on Show and Tell online
  7. What song would be playing at the dinner table?
Ooooh, this depends on who is at the dinner table. If it was just Sam and I most probably Damien Rice. We used to listen to his 'O' album all the time when we first got together. If my son was at the table it would definitely be Yo Gabba Gabba.

Thankyou Monty for sharing your Family Table with us. x


  1. What a gorgeous intro! Love meeting someone else with the same views on dieting-ick

  2. I agree about the diet thing I grew up with a mother who was always on a diet,there is no "bad" food only the amount you put in your mouth.I love this family table series Ruth probably because I am really interested by other peoples lives,and how they live,Thankyou.

  3. This was lovely, thanks for sharing this


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