Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Kool Kids Cooking Club

Most of us want to encourage our children into the kitchen.
Some of us struggle with how to do this.
Maybe we are worried about what to start off with, maybe we are worried about the mess, maybe we don't have the skills ourselves or maybe you were just waiting for this!

I designed this pack as a way to help everyone to be able to get their kids in the kitchen and have some fun while you are at it.

For me, being in the kitchen is my happy place.
I would love it if I can encourage this for lots of children.
Helping them find their groovy feet in the kitchen is the aim I have.
To be able to grow up knowing what a great feeling it is to be able to make something delicious from scratch is one of life's simplest and greatest pleasures.

I think it is really important to get our children helping in the kitchen from as early as possible. Children are much more capable than we often let them be.
One of my children was able to make scrambled eggs from scratch without my help when he was 3 &1/2 years old.  Not because he was born with some sort of cooking super powers but just because I give my kids the skills and the space to do it.
I was cooking a meal once a week for our family of seven when I was aged 10. The only skill I was given was the belief that I could do it. And so I did. Often the only thing stopping us is our mindset.

 "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't.
You are RIGHT".
Henry Ford.

YES - it is messy.

NO- that is not a good enough reason to not get your kids in the kitchen.
Teaching them to be responsible for their own mess and teaching them the skills to clean up as you go is JUST as important as the actual cooking.

Most kids want to start off cooking sweet things. That is A-OK.
Cooking ANYTHING from scratch is what we want to see. It is about using REAL ingredients and learning new skills.
Every time your child bakes or cooks, they are developing confidence, learning how to read a recipe, working out the science behind cooking, understanding flavours, knowing what utensils to use, tasting new flavours, working out the physical actions required, learning about ingredients,  learning skills for life, and hopefully gaining an appreciation of how great real food cooked from scratch really is.

The pack I have created has 6 different recipe cards, each using different skills and with different flavours and levels of difficulty.

The recipe cards are Black & White hand illustrated (by me) cards with the recipe on the back.

There is no picture of the 'finished' product, but instead hand drawn illustrations of the ingredients, so each child can rejoice in their own success of how their final dish turns out without the stress of looking at a picture and thinking that theirs 'doesn't look anything like that'.
As grown-ups we don't realise how it is those kinds of things that can worry kids and stop them feeling like a success.
The success part is that they gave it a go- and if they are not happy with how it turned out let's encourage them to try again and see what happens next time. They would have learnt something every single time.

There are Good Food puzzles and coloured pencils and a fun surprise gift in each pack.
We all know that the best learning happens when we play- when learning is fun.
Cooking is no exception. So this pack is designed to be playful and fun.

By practising in the kitchen using the cards in this pack as a starting place, my hope is that your children go on with new confidence & all the skills necessary and feel as if they could pick up any recipe book in your collection and be able to have a go.

"No-one was born a great cook"

Julia Child

Practice is what makes anyone a great cook.

Each SINGLE PURCHASE pack contains:

  •  6 Black & White hand illustrated (by GG) recipe cards
  • a pack of mini-colouring pencils to decorate your recipe cards
  • 1 GG Kool Kids wooden spoon
  • A page of 'Tips n Tricks' advice for supervising adults
  •  GG Good Food puzzle cards
  • A secret Goodie gift in each pack
  • Detailed recipe notes for each of the six recipe cards explaining origins, techniques and it's Clog-O-Meter level of difficulty (1 clog easy - 5 clogs hard). 

The recipe cards are put into a hand sewn Recipe card pouch and posted in a Kitchen Proof plastic pouch with the other goodies.
The pack is designed to get your kids into the kitchen and to have fun.
They will develop skills that will help them be able to tackle more difficult techniques and recipes as they develop confidence.
It is all about HAVING A GO and Cooking with a SMILE.

A big YAY to Kool Kids in the Kitchen!

These packs are suitable for children as young as 3 up to teenagers.

(NB: this pack is available for International buyers- HOORAH.
Please email for rates)


You can click HERE to go to my online store to order.


  1. I ADORE this idea Ruth. I wish there was something like around when my eldest was a little guy & we started having issues with food. I think it'd be great for those kids who have food phobias.

    I hope lots of little people are enjoying these packs in the coming weeks. Well done xx

  2. thanks Reannon. I hope so!
    These packs are totally suitable for older kids (teens included!) too!

  3. Just excellent!

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