Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Chez GG on The Design Files


It's been months' since I wrote in this space.
2015 got the better of me for many reasons & in many ways.
I will share more on that another time.
It's safe to say that a little break from here did me the world of good but it's lovely to be back.
I have made some very big and very difficult decisions in order to reclaim myself and to make this year a better one.

I am hoping I *may* have a little more time to write some more here- I have missed writing.

So- thanks for sticking around if you are still here & WELCOME if you are new!
The way things work is that each post varies- some have recipes, some have thoughts and a recipe, some just have thoughts- but ALL have a music video at the end.
Music is interwtined into every little ounce of my being (and now my children's too) and so I feel it is important to share that part of me here too.

I hope 2016 is a better one! I know it is March but I feel as though I am only just feeling as though the changes I have made are starting to have their desired impact for me so it feels like a kind of beginning.
This is a good thing. I missed being able to be me.

In the meantime come over and hang at my place.
Last year the Design Files did a feature on our house and I totally forgot to share it with you here! Sorry about that- how rude!
You can check out the entire feature via this link.

Coffee or Tea?
And cake is a given

Today I am sharing a fave Calexico track.
We took our big 3 to see them play live at Hamer Hall last week- it was their Xmas gift that they have been patiently waiting for.
It was so brilliant to see our Music loving kids come away even more excited about playing music. That is why going to live music is so so good.

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