Thursday, 2 December 2010

Are we there yet?

For the last week & a half my kids have been sick.  Not just a little bit sick but a BIG bit sick! Hospital sick.....

Having a big family is fabulous- we LOVE it!!. But in amongst the good is a whole of lot of HARD!

Ever amplified when the bugs roll in......

So over this time while I was disguised as Florence Nightingale I was loving reading about another big family who live in the States- designers Bob & Cortney Novogratz ( of SIXX DESIGN ) and their 7 kids.

Here's their kitchen. There is evidence that someone ACTUALLY lives in the house- see there are UTENSILS on the bench & even a teatowel-  quelle horreur!!

image via

They design fabulous spaces- filled with the style I love the most.  A mix of beautiful modern design pieces interwoven with quirky old pieces they find at markets & vintage stores around the globe.  Each home they have built tells you about the people who live in it- tells you about their interests & personalities.  This is just what I believe the spaces we inhabit should be like.  I like to think that my home is like that too- I like people to be able to learn a bit more about me by looking at my art & between the mess!  Our home is to be lived in & loved - NOT just looked at.

Anyway the one section that really resonated with me this week was Cortney's favourite recipe.

Allow me to share- I know you too will LOVE it!

(with thanks to Cortney Novogratz via her book : DOWNTOWN CHIC published by RIZOLLI NY)

Serves: 4 to 6
Time: 35-40 minutes depending on how long it takes you to flip through the phone book.


  • telephone
  • phone book (i'll add here- access to Google!)
  • cash/credit card
  • favourite cocktail
Flip through phone book.  
Find number of your favourite restaurant that delivers.  
Place phone in hand and dial the number.
Order 4 to 6 of their tastiest dishes.
Add 2 to 3 desserts to your order (optional) .
Pour your favourite cocktail, lounge back with your feet up and wait 30-40 minutes.
Dish is done when your doorbell rings.
Leftovers can be held in the fridge for 2-3 days.


  1. That's MY kinda recipe! And PJ's brooch/clip her sleeve...I love x
    Thinking of you in F N's the pits

  2. track out and hang out!! with delivery! sounds like a beautiful dream.
    I reckon this might be one of our favourite recipes,

  3. Yeah, what a fabulous recipe! I love it, i love it, i love it xxxxx

  4. I was recently told how cosy our house is this person continued to say that her first home was just liked it, now she has no clutter:) our clutter is our stories of holidays, family , love, -beautiful I think.
    xxx sylvia


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