Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Recently I spoke of my desire to make a few changes for myself this year.

One of my goals is to de-clutter.

I am aware that de-cluttering of my personal space will allow me to de-clutter my mind too.

Do you feel like me?

Are you overwhelmed by stuff?

Both physical stuff and mental stuff?

I know I am.

Whilst I LOVE all my bits & pieces and could NEVER EVER be a minimalist, I do see that a re-organisation of my physical space will allow me to reorganise my mind space too.

I need that.

I need to make some room in my head.

Some room for some quiet.

So when my lovely friend Bec invited me to join her in doing the 40 bag challenge I leapt at it.

I feel like I am going into rehab.

We are doing it together to keep each other honest.

I am sure we will have to have meetings too!

To support each other.  They may or may not involve coffee & cake....

I like doing things like this with others.

Do you?

Do you want to join in?

We are starting in late February.

Let me know if you are in!

Yesterday I had a cabbage love-in with Pip & Michelle about how much we LOVE cabbage!
I know this is not a universally held adoration. BUT us three would eat cabbage any ol' way. We LUBS it you see!
I made this recipe up last year & have made it quite a few times since.
My kids LOVE it too & ASK me to cook it for them! YAY!
I love it served with a crumbed Pork chop- because I love PORK & cabbage...a culinary marriage hard to beat.
But it is also great with fish, chicken or just on it's own! YUM.
I serve one wedge per person- so cut as many wedges as you have people. 
1 wedge = 1/4 small cabbage.


  • 1 head purple cabbage 
  • 1 orange (zest & juice)
  • 3 tablespoons baby capers
  • 3 tablespoons butter
Slice the cabbage into wedges- keep root intact to help cabbage keep it's shape.

In a pan melt half the butter till sizzling.

Add the capers and cook till crisp. Remove and set aside

Add the cabbage and the remaining butter.

Cook on a medium heat for about 5 mins or until you can see the cabbage is caramelizing.

Turn and do same on other side.

Now add the orange juice & half of the cooked capers to the pan & turn heat right down.

Pop a lid on and cook through till cabbage is soft (about 5 minutes more).

Remove lid and serve.

Sprinkle remaining capers and orange zest onto each wedge.

My boys have been spending lots of time playing music made me think of these VERY talented siblings. 


  1. Totally in - I love this type of thing & clutter does my head in! & I love cabbage can't wait to try this! Xx

    1. oh hoorah Cat!
      I am the QUEEN of clutter!
      I will find this quite a challenge.......but am thrilled to give it a try!
      Glad you will be my clutter clearing buddy :)
      look forward to hearing how you like the recipe.

  2. Oh tasty, this looks very fancy but deceptively simple. I will have to try.

    I'm all for a good declutter, it's my goal for 2012 - a few great tips on Apartment Therapy today

    1. oooo thanks Michelle- i need ALL the tips I can get! will have a look!

  3. Sounds like something that my house and family could benefit from. I would love to join you. Now I am off for that mayonaisse recipe...

  4. I just munch on raw
    But will take the time to actually try this recipe and cook the stuff.....if there's a chance I can leave it alone in the preparation time.

    1. ha! excellent!
      the world needs more Cabbage lovers!

  5. Lets start to write our 40 bags in 40days list. I mean clear out the candy drawer! Ha! its the only draw I constantly clear no probs! Shall we pop Mon 20th Feb in lé diary as our start date? x

  6. Loving the look of the red cabbage recipe but it's de-cluttering that got me racing here. I'm desperately needing all you describe, but I don't think I'll be able to wait until the start date because I've already started! Booked a hard rubbish collection this week (won't be the last), took the pram to the op-shop yesterday, about to ebay the bassinet... *sniff*

    1. i am IMPRESSED that you are so committed!
      I think I need a skip bin too.
      don't tell anyone but I think i could ALMOST do 40 skip bins in 40 days......

  7. I love how you can reply now!!!
    Super cute ya know.

    PS: get the skip.

  8. Great post, and very timely - I just wrote about clutter today -
    Loving the list!

  9. I so need to de-clutter!! My house is so full of "stuff" and with another baby coming, I need to clear some space (and de-clutter my mind while I'm at it!!). A late-summer clean is in order! :)

  10. I don't think I can do the 40 bag challenge, however I am planning to donate some of my clothing. So I'll work on that. And yay for delicious cabbage! I feel it is quite an underrated vegetable.

  11. Hi there...I have several purple cabbages in the garden waiting to be eaten. I always make a salad - just slice them really thin and then scrunch them up in my hands with a little salt. Then leave for at least an hour, scrunching more as i walk by. Then drain off the juice and add a glug of olive oil and white vinegar and a sprinkling of white pepper. It is my croation friend's nana's recipe. It is pretty good but i will definately try your recipe, sounds delicious - i love capers! I love a project for a new year too - i am pondering trying to cook something new everyweek - so your blog will come in handy! I am making bread and butter cucumber pickles at the moment. I might declutter a bit too! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

  12. I'm totally in the 40 bag challenge. How fabulous!! How purifying! I think i have joined on Facebook. Marc told me about it and decluttering exactly what I've been wanting to do. Especially that laundry cupboard which is spilling out chords and string and god knows what! The blog looks sooo delicious by the way xx

  13. I absolutely know what you mean. I've been thinking on clutter recently. I feel repelled emotionally by it - something to do with western guilt, consumerism - piles of unused, unloved stuff seems so indulgent. Good luck with your challenge!

  14. So love the de-clutter concept......have the same feelings of bein more organised in my mind if the house is in more order! Started my de-clutter at the beginning of the year and it was a wonderful feeling....think i have done at least 40 bags!!! All the best for your 40 days.


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