Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Womad 2012

A couple of weeks ago our family travelled back to Adelaide.

Hubby and I left there together nearly 25 years ago.

Womad wasn't an event that had started when we lived there.  I am not really sure how long it has been going but I think it is well over 10 years.
Every year amazing acts from all over the world come to Adelaide for this 4 day event.

As dedicated music lovers I have often wondered about our family going.
And then I have visions of us herding our many boys in amongst the crowds and the romantic vision I have disappears with the jolting thud of the reality of being a mother to 5 enthusiastic young people who have a tendency to .......well shall we say 'wander'.

Once we had more than 2 children and couldn't do the 'You have him & I'll have him' type thing we gave up on those sorts of outdoor events.

Our kids were born without a rope limit.

I see some children who lovingly sit next to their parents and can't help but feel a little envious at how much easier it would have been for us if it had been the same in our family.

Well ours would run ......and keep running.
Without looking back.
Not until the last child did I get one that kind of sits still & kind of stays close.

SO...... we have waited....waited till they are a bit older and we feel a bit more able to handle the huge effort that it takes to attend something like this.

It still isn't quite the pop your picnic blanket down and sit still all day type affair.

But...it was so fantastic.

There was enormous amounts of room everywhere, several stages and lots of friendly places for a rambunctious lot to roam & play safely.

We started with coffee & ice-cream. Necessary.
We found some gorgeous silk flags to sit under.
.....and watch the main stage.
We got to see the British Uke orchestra....something Mr11 (above) was particularly excited about.  They played the most amazing rendition of 'Life on Mars' - a fave ol' Bowie track of mine.
We blew bubbles.
We were reunited with very special friends from far away & played like it was yesterday that we last saw each other.
We parked ourselves in the gigantic ancient pines on top of the hill and listened to First Aid Kit sing their melifluous tunes.
We rested happily full of laughter & beautiful music.
And then we watched as the children played into the late afternoon light jumping and making fun out of nothing but a hoop and each others company.

 We went home a very happy family that day.
And I know that our kids will never forget that day........I love days like that.
Days you know have been etched into the memories of your family.
May this be the beginning of many many music concerts shared with our crew.
We'll be buying tickets for next year.......and the year after that.
Do you want to come too?

Some days I have a real craving for S & P Tofu.
It feels like a decadent pick me up.
Tofu is a relatively new love in my life.
I used to think it was a bit....well......bland.
Not now.
I LOVE it!!!
I love the Fried Tofu puffs in Laksa (recipe here), I love silken tofu in my Miso soup, I like firm tofu in my stir fries and I LOVE it with edamame (recipe here).
Tofu is incredibly nutritious and choc full of Calcium.
I use the Salt & Pepper mix that I have blogged before (recipe here).
  • 1 small packet firm tofu
  • 1/2 cup potato flour (this is what will give you the gorgeous crispy exterior- you will find it at your Asian grocer)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons S & P spice mix
  • 1 spring onion, sliced fine
  • 1 red chilli, sliced fine
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped fine
  • 1 teaspoon Sesame oil
  • 3 tablespoons oil (choose a high heat tolerant oil for this such as Rice Bran oil)

Cut the tofu into cubes (about 3x3cm).
Rest on some paper towel to help remove some of the moisture.

In a small bowl add the Potato flour and 1 tablespoon of the S & P spice mix (reserve the rest for sprinkling on the cooked tofu).

Heat the sesame oil in a small fry pan to high. Immediately add the spring onion, chilli & garlic. It should sizzle immediately.
Stir continuously for a minute and remove from the pan.
Set aside.

Coat each cube of tofu in the flour & spice mix.

In a non stick pan large heat the oil to a medium high heat.
Place each cube of tofu into the pan carefully making sure not to overcrowd. 
Turn after 3 minutes or so and let brown on the other side.
Remove and dust with remaining spice mix and sprinkle with the Spring Onion, Chilli & garlic oil.


Todays track is from Big Bill Broonzy. It is a song my hubby has been playing to me on his guitar for many many years. These are the dudes that modern music came from. They still amaze me with their skill. I never tire of it. 


  1. How lovely your trip looks. I bet your boys will remember it forever. They are so lucky to have such cool parents!

    I love salt and pepper tofu, sigh, I love it a lot!


  2. I'm so pleased you had such a fantastic trip. Looks like such a fun festival!
    And that picture of the flags - magic! xx

  3. Isn't Womad awesome! 2012 was the 20th year I believe. Makes me feel old since I can remember the first one (although I was still at school and didn't attend). each year I face the dilemma of whether to take the kids or not. It's fun to go as a family but also HEAPS of fun to go with friends. This year I just took the biggest kid. Annoyed I didn't do any celebrity-blogger spotting!

  4. Sounds like you had a magical time! I'd never heard of Womad before... I'm now enlightened! I'm so jel you got to see First Aid Kit! I love them!

  5. Love the Womad snaps, looks like you had fabulous time! As a mum of five I totally get you when it comes to the challenges of taking seven people on a trip. Even a short trip to the shops can be a logistical nightmare! No, that's not true but you know what I mean. I'm liking the look of that tofu...might have to try it sometime soon x

  6. Awesome! Great memories and photos x

  7. I'm making your salt and pepper tofu tonight. Wonderful recipe!!
    And yes I would like to come to Womad next year!! Will have to arrange me some tix.

  8. What a pleasant way to end my Sunday evening. Reading your post and seeing these photo's just gave me the warmest feeling in my stomach and reminded me of all the brilliant memories I made with my family as a kid. Now I must try this tofu recipe and hopefully be converted as well!

  9. Kids always love to blow bubbles and eat yummy food.


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