Tuesday 10 July 2012

Our Annual Tomato Sauce making day ~ 2012 style

In April we made our Annual trip to Tasmania to make sauce with our good friends.

Who knew that life would get in the way of me posting about it till July?!!

In amongst being Mumma to 5 boys, who knew I would be busy?!!

Last year we made our sauce on Bruny Island - you can read about that here.

This year we made the sauce at Matthew & Sadie's place in amongst the film crew for the upcoming Third series of the Gourmet Farmer.  One of the episodes will be about this day.

Our Sauce Making.

Five families & THIRTEEN children.  

It is a guarantee for a busy but great day.

We have already made plans for the location for next years sauce making- yet another fabulous Tassie location. 

And then maybe..... just maybe we might just get those Taswegians over the Strait here to Melbourne!

Such fun. 

What ties this group together is a yearning to slow life down a little.

To pare back to the essentials.

To simplify things.

To take away the additives and the unnecessary ingredients and put back in the REAL.

But this doesn't just apply to food, it applies more broadly to life and certainly to childhood.

So.... once again we gathered.

We chopped.

We laughed.

We worked.

We celebrated.

We supped.

The kids played, proving that last years happy gathering between 12 children aged between 12 & 1 was no accident.  

The kids worked hard, keen to be involved, chopping, separating, asking questions, chatting, stirring & in between playing, climbing, running.

I love that our kids will grow up remembering this event every year.

I love that each year despite all these families very different and very busy lives that we stop, and gather  as a community and share.

It wouldn't be the same without our lovely friends- we are looking forward to next year already..... Sadie, Matthew & Hedley; Emma, Ross & Felix;  Jane, Ian & Remy,  Ella, Will & Charlie; Leonie, Nick & Tilla & Wilkie, and of course my family; Guy &  our crew ...Jasper, Max, Oscar, Gus & Archie.

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story...... I tried REALLY REALLY hard to edit and mostly I failed ....so this is an epically long photo story.
What can I say? I LOVE to share......
Feel free to look away!

And there you have it....
this years Tomato sauce...

or as we like to call it "Dead Horse".

This year we made two different sauces.
By sauce I am not talking about Passata here- but the kind of sauce you slather on your sausages.
There was a recipe from Sadie's family and one from Nick's.
The one I am sharing with you is Nick's great great grandfathers...from 1933!!!

 And todays toon....


  1. I didn't know you made that sauce?! I devoured it at the Common Ground picnic! Hence lots of familiar and delightfully friendly faces in these pics. Too many pics? Not ever x

  2. Yay to a gazillion images of the celebration of food and family and friendship. But boy oh boy it's a shame you are the image recorder and we dont get to see your gorgeousness getting stuck in as well. It looks all looks so lovely...I wanna be in your gang, your gang, your gang!

  3. Love it! Looks like a marvellous day. Did I spy one almost pic of you in there? x

  4. Wow - this is brilliant!!
    Looks so yummy and the photos show just how much
    everyone was a part of it!x

  5. Awesome...love this, great photos, never too many on a subject like this :)

  6. OH MY GOSH!!!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! i can't wait for the Gourmet Farmer Season 3!!!!! beautiful photos.

  7. wow! What an awesome day! Gorgeous photos too :)

  8. This looks like such a fun day - wow, all amazing, great pics xx

  9. gosh thankyou for sharing your great day,what a fantastic tradition to have!

  10. wow - my idol knows more of my idols - your so ace...it never ceases to amaze me...we have a similar tradition, involving salami making up in the riverina...sausagefest as it is affectionatly known...driving up there this queens birthday long weekend, my boys were making up a sausagefest song, it sounded very similar to we're going to bonnydoon, but i'm happy about it either way...it is all about tradition, family, friends and the ties that bind...not having much of a family, these people we pummel pig fat with till our fingers are so swollen they no longer bend, are my new family, my peeps. thanks for sharing as always, and for just being you xo

  11. I LOVE this post. everything about it. The community. The joy. The photos. The sauce. and you xx

  12. Thank you so much for sharing - what a fantastic tradition! May you all enjoy every drop of the delicious sauce as much as you enjoyed making it....You have inspired me once again - your blog is such a delicious, joyful place to be :)

  13. It's true! You neeed very single one of these photos - even the duplicate! Truly heart warming images of some clearly very special people. Like everyone else I want to be there too! Our group wine-making has always been a great source of joy for us too. It is such a good thing to get down and dirty together - and then to have a delicious product that brings back all the memories every time you taste it. The collaboration does take effort and- at times - compromise and that too is such a gift for all the children to share. An absolutely wonderful post - thanks my dear cherub. xxx

  14. There's SO Much to like about this. LOVE it. How do you get all the bottles home? How many do you end up with each? How can I squeeze into your suitcase next year?


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