Friday, 10 January 2014

Things I am loving ~ Part 1:: 2014

I have started the new Year off reading this book:

It is written by M.F.K. Fisher's great-nephew, Luke Barr & it chronicles the year that M.F.K Fisher, Julia Child & James Beard~ all very important & influential people in the food industry~  spent in Provence.
I am loving peeking into this little window into their interesting little world. I recommend it!

Did you get any great books to read for Xmas or have some on your 'must read' list?

Speaking of cooking- Beth has posted a great idea of how to dive into your not so well used but much loved cookbooks.

Do you want to join in?

I think it looks like such FUN & a great way to rediscover your cookbooks.

Loving seeing Hailey Bartholomew's 365 Grateful project all over the place.
Have you seen it?
If not go watch the short film here. 
It is sooooo great! And I think SUPER important. Sometimes in the busyness of our lives we confuse the things that really matter. Practising gratitude is an everyday must I think.

I am also LOVING Pip's 'A Year of Ethical Fashion' series.

It is good to think ethically about how we spend isn't it?  It is easy to be seduced by lovely things and press buy without thinking too much about how that 'thing' came to be,  and at what cost.

I think about it a LOT when buying our food but not as much with other things. Weird huh?!
I do buy a lot of pre-loved things- most of my clothing (and clogs!) are second hand buys, in op-shops and via ebay but I am also guilty of the impulse buy without much thought to the real cost of the product.

Mr Girlfriend and I once participated in 'Buy Nothing New' month- whereby we bought only second hand, swapped or 'free' to us things for the month of October.  We stretched it right to the wire of mid-December of that year as we liked how it changed our behaviour.  It certainly does make you think more about your buying patterns.  And that is a good thing I think.

You can look more at Pip's posts here & here .

Do you want to join in too?  I know I am going to try really hard to do my best!

I am also LOVING this amazingly awesome kid's talk about happiness & education.
He talks about practising being healthy & happy. It is the BEST.
I really recommend taking some time to watch it!
Once again KIDS RULE THE WORLD!!!!!
We REALLY need to stop and listen to them.


  1. wow what an awesome, articulate, wise young man.

  2. I love Beth's cookbook challenge and I joined Pips year of ethical fashion I also buy a bit secondhand or on eBay and wish there were more places to swap in oz I used to be part of swap but most of the members are from the US and it us too expensive to post to o/s now.I love a good book too.


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