Friday, 14 February 2014

A is for Alphabet Journal (and Asplode)

Quite some time ago a lovely lady I am lucky enough to know approached me to be involved in an exciting idea that she wanted to make happen.

A dream of hers.

I fell in love with it immediately.

A project that's basis is finding joy in what we already have.

Our everyday.

It isn't about buying new things, or having a fancy home but instead it's essence is seeing the magic before us every single day in all it's shapes and forms and individual ways.

It is about recognising that sometimes the least shiny things are actually the most sparkly of all.

It is about families of all shapes and sizes.

Using her words- 'It is about the universal language of every home'

I am so thrilled to be a collaborator in this project.

We are now seeking funding to be able to see it in print.

Many many months of planning, 26 writers, 27 photographers, and 3 artists across 4 continents have shared their expertise to create this project.

Today I am sharing the Kickstarter project with you that will enable it to come to life in print.
By clicking on this link you can read more about this beautiful project and maybe even help give it a 'Kickstart'

In the meantime watch this gorgeous film that also gives you a window into this very special project.
My heart ASPLODED when I saw this for the first time.......just as it will when I get to see Alphabet Journal come to life.


  1. What a cute lovely little clip!

  2. GourmetGirlfriend14 February 2014 at 18:52

    isn't it! a great reflection of the values of the magazine. just so beautiful

  3. I read this yesterday afternoon, I just uploaded the Spotify app and it in I was listening to one of my favourite movies 'About Time'. Then here comes this song whilst reading your heartfelt blogpost and felt the sense of the tightest hug in word form. Thank you much Ruthfor such love and support, from the bottom of my heart I'm truly grateful.#totesasploded

  4. This is beautiful and so true it's not the shiny things that are important it is the happiness from just everyday normal things and thank you Ruth for the reminder xx


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