Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wonky, Broken & Real

The internet is a funny place.

It brings a lot of joy.





Yet alongside that is the not so awesome.

The viciousness.

The cowardice masked behind anonymity.

The 'Perfection'.

This morning I was in a hurry to bake something for someone special.

It took longer than usual to bake & so I turned it out in a hurry to have it cool.

I know better than to do that yet time..... stoopid time.

So I turned it out.

Then this.......

I posted it on my Instagram and my Facebook.

I wanted people to know that I too have failures in my kitchen.

That failing is normal.

Failing is ok.

See, I believe that failure is not really failure at all.

It's just a segue to getting where we were heading.

I wonder what people reading here imagine me to be sometimes.

I am not perfect.  At all.

Nor do I try to be.

This morning I looked at that cake & thought it looked like me.

A bit wonky & broken but full of love.

PS. It was the delicious Vegan Wacky Cake. (recipe here) 


  1. I love your broken wonky cake. Wish I was eating it right now! I'm going to bake a mountain of banana related treats today after Huz's epic dumpster dive last night. Bananas bananas everywhere!

  2. I think cakes are a good metaphor for life. Some are great successes and some are flops. But what I love is that even the fugliest cake can still taste, so there's always a silver lining!

  3. Yup - you know when I read about those people who harass and bully Kate and Rohan I think to myself - they must be so angry and jealous - they must think their lives are so perfect and that is why they want to shit all over them. But people on the internet are not super humans - they are broken and make mistakes too - and if people thought for just two seconds before bullying, they would realise that! Pretty instagram pictures are not a complete picture of someones life - they're just pretty instagram pictures!

    Incoherent rant over.

    p.s. I think that cake still looks beautiful all broken up, but i like imperfections! ;)

  4. Ahhhh Ruth this is one of my most very very favourite songs! And you are one of my most very very favourite internet people, wonky broken cake & all xxx

  5. Nothing incoherent about your words Emma!
    I too have been on the end of some really awful internet nasty.
    Nasty accusations get flung around. It is hurtful and heartbreaking.
    people can be really awful. and forget that behind every blog is a REAL person, with very real feelings just trying to do & be their best.
    And yet there are the lovely ones. Like you.
    Thanks so much Emma for your always lovely words. I really appreciate your support. xxx

  6. YOU dear Reannon are just so super doop wonderful.
    I always love to see your lovely face around the place- ALWAYS saying lovely things, ALWAYS aware that you are speaking to REAL people.
    And ALWAYS kind.
    And I will ALWAYS be grateful for your kindness over the years.

  7. I reckon busted up cakes are better anyway, nobody's worried about eating it delicately. They just dig in with gusto. Just as one should dig into life.

  8. gosh it drives me so nuts that you have to deal with this. As much as I try to understand where they're coming from, why they would possibly intentionally hurt you... and I can't.

  9. That cake makes me want to eat it! It looks all warm, fresh and made with love. Sorry, I know it is meant to show your imperfections but it is like it is allowing me to eat it imperfectly!

    There are some strange people in the world Ruth.

  10. I love that you want to eat it. that is perfect.

  11. i can't understand either. it's probably best that I don't.
    thanks Mumma Vegetable. Love ya. xxx

  12. yay for eating & living with gusto!

  13. Gosh when I hear that I am kind of glad that my blog is such a small little space on the internet, and I don't cop any attention of the negative/mean kind! I don't get it, I really don't. But then again, I don't think Ive ever been a bully, its just not a space I would enjoy occupying!

  14. ..besides which, we all know that calories leak out when the cake breaks, so we can eat all the chunks with an even bigger smile.

  15. I love that you posted this Ruth, and yes - it looks delicious to me too! I get why people want things to look pretty and nice on the internets (I do too!), but perfection is boring and nastiness is just plain nasty.

    My hubs always talks about being tough on your own weaknesses but gentle with other people's weaknesses. I think the world would be a much nicer place if we were all a bit more gentle with each other... x

  16. Amen to that. And fab song choice for today. The connections we make with each other area all that matter in the end. Not their admiration, not their envy, but their company. x

  17. Hi there Ruth! I recently made a chocolate heart cake for a dear friend who lost her dog. I was too keen to take it to her and took it out of the tin hot and it cracked and broke as well. I took it to her anyway and we laughed about the irony of the broken heart cake and cried about her dear old dog, and it was beautiful. I think the broken heart cake made the afternoon. x x I love your blog Ruth, it's gorgeous. (Love your style too.. I'm a marimekko girl.) And I adore your broken heart cake. I think it's perfect. x - Kathy. :)


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