Sunday, 4 May 2014

How to portion a Chicken


Have you ever wondered how to portion a chicken without butchering it unrecognisably?

Well I have the perfect class for you!

On Wednesday this week I presented a Masterclass for Steps Australia that they included in their short courses & masterclasses series.
It is such an HONOUR to be asked by them to deliver these classes.  One was held last Wednesday and I am doing another on June 4th.

It was held at Hobba in Prahran. A GREAT venue- available for private hire at night after operating during the day as a super doop cafe with DELICIOUS food offerings.

So after a bit of a wobbly start to the week (horrid illness going on at our house!),  I headed here on Wednesday night and was reminded about what I love to do.

I LOVE to share my kitchen knowledge.  For years I have been doing it via this blog.

And this year I have learned that I LOVE to teach.  I REALLY,  REALLY love it.

I was teaching the students on the night how to portion a whole chicken and how I can make just one chicken last for four entire meals for my family of seven.  And then the students went home with an extra four of my chicken recipes to use with their new skills learnt on the night.
Ingredients ready to use in my dishes.
I will be repeating this class on June 4th if you want to come.
It will be another GREAT night!
Hobba Prahran
We had such a lovely time.  What a great group of people they were.
In such a beautiful venue.
Thanks Ashley for the pic of my students portioning their chooks like old hands!!
It was so lovely to have people ask questions & tell me their stories on the night.

And THEN.....well then the best came the following day when pictures kept rolling in from people that had attended the class showing me what they had made with the chickens they had portioned themselves & how proud of themselves they were that they were doing things they never thought they would be able to do!

What an utter JOY!

For me to be able to give people the ability to feel as if they can do things in the kitchen they never thought possible is possibly the most wonderful thing I could ever do.

Thankyou SO MUCH to those of you that came along- keep those pics a coming of your chook cookin'!

And I hope to see some of you who couldn't make it to this class at the June class!
Thanks again to Steps Australia and Hobba.

I LOVE this song and I just can't help myself adding it here..... so wrong yet so right! x


  1. You're making me hungry! Go you, clever clogs! What a gorgeous space. xx

  2. it was so bril!! Thanks so much. It's on my "to blog" list on Evernote so it's comiiiing!!! :)

  3. Oh my - that looks so practical! We've moved from Oz to Canada so that leaves me with Buckley's chance of taking your class. I've got 4 little ones as well as a meat-loving hubby to feed so would love to learn those recipes (or any other family-friendly stretch-it-out meals) from you. Any chance of those recipes being posted? Thanks so much. X


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