Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Desperately seeking motivation!

Today is one of those days where I just can't be fagged. We all have those days. I don't have them very often thankfully. I am very lucky to be doing what I love.

Unfortunate thing is with 5 young lovelies to attend to, I can't really chuck a sickie!

So how do I find motivation on these days? Most often it is by sneeking one of my school boys home for a bit of extra cuddle time. My mum used to keep me home sometimes "just because" - not because I was sick or any other reason except that it is lovely for everyone to have a bit of time together that you wouldn't otherwise have. It's one of many tricks of the trade I learnt from her!

It feels like a treat for my kids to be the chosen one- obviously I do it for all of them at different times and they probably don't realise but most of all it is a treat for me. I get to feel like a naughty girl secreting my child home from school when they should be there! Let's face it they aren't going to have their budding career in astrophysics spoilt by missing one or two days of primary school!

And then we proceed to hit the couch and catch up on some quality cartoons from the good ol' days where the worst thing that happens is that Wylie-E-Coyote is flattened by a tonne of metal and then miraculously gets up all concertinaed and seeing stars or Pepe le Peu is rebuffed again by the feline he adores. We find it is best enjoyed with a generous serve of French toast and a bowl of steaming Hot choccie made with hot milk and real chocolate with a marshmallow or two!

So today that is what I am home with my deliciously snuggly 9yo who's muscles are so sore from giving his utmost best at footy on Sunday in 27 degrees that he can hardly walk! Now you cannot argue with me when I suggest that he needs to be home doing all of the above!

And I need him too........


  1. Hi - Am your newest follwer - Great Blog - am in awe of your photography and your family.

    My Mum used to keep us home at the drop of the hat. She said, "I used to love it when you kids said you weren't feeling well" So cute.

    Can't wait to

  2. Aren't we both lucky to have had mums that were so clever and such great role models! Thanks for your lovely comments.

  3. oh yes! Love to be that mama!


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