Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Family TV

The mornings in Melbourne are just glorious this week- autumn is so beautiful here.

Sunshine is good for the soul and it is good for inspiration.....being woken up in the middle of the night however kills any chance you had to do anything inspirational! However I have a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy today......

Last night heralded the re-start of the wonderful family friendly reality TV show Masterchef.

My two older boys (11 & 9) have been counting down the days till it began again. Be warned.....I am a Masterchef tragic! I relish the opportunity to watch a show with my children at night that does not involve people murderising (sic) others. Let's face it- it's been a while since we could sit down with our kids at night to watch anything even closely appropriate for little kids. Remember the good ol' days when we would all rush to the box at 6.30 to watch the Goodies! Family TV just ain't the same....

So when Masterchef came along I was one happy lady. Obviously my boys know well enough by now how much I LOVE to cook and have said to me a thousand times "You would so win Masterchef!"

But really it is the opportunity to have some quality cuddle time on the couch with my brood that I love the most. And then come the benefits of the kids being inspired to bust out some quality cooking that of course puts a smile on anyone's dial!

Child 1 & 2 booked in Thursday evening to have a pavlova cook off this week....should be fun!- and then followed the question from child 1 "Actually Mum can we book in a regular Thursday cooking class with you where we cook dinner or dessert?" Well you can guess my response and the time it took to say it! I resisted saying out loud "Well der- as if I would say NO!" So mature of me!

I love that my kids love cooking already. They are all accomplished cooks in their own right already - well perhaps only 3 of them so far- but we can forgive child 4 & 5 as they are really too little.

Here are the current signature dishes of my big 3 boys:

11y.o.- Beef Bourguignon (this is a great kids dish as it is a one pot wonder- follow link to recipe below) , Beef Rendang and he makes a mean spag bol too!
9y.o.- Thai chicken meatballs, Lebanese Kofta ( a team effort with big bro)
7y.o. makes the creamiest scrambled eggs ever (been his speciality since he was 3)!

So today I feel happy that my children are well on their way to being fabulous cooks. Most of all I would like to think that what they find so enjoyable is the celebration of sharing time together in the process and then the joy of sharing at the table. The flavour of food is very important to me but make no mistake it is the love of sharing that has had me from the start!

Here is the spot in our house where it ALL happens.....
Link to a great Boeuf Bourguignon recipe: http://www.kitchendaily.com/recipe/julia-child-s-boeuf-bourguignon-140453


  1. I have been procrastinating about making JC's Beef Bourguignon for so long and lovingly patting dry the meat : ) Today just may be the day!

  2. Hi Ruth, lovely blog. I share your loves of food, good dinners and kids learning to cook. We have 3 boys and I am determined to pass on the love of good healthy food, and treats (cakes especially!) to them. Look forward to connecting with you on Twitter also. Blog on!


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