Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Is the Grass Greener?

On Monday night as our family was sitting watching Masterchef together an interesting discussion took place.   And if were weren't watching tv together it may never have happened.

Now you all know I am a Masterchef tragic! And Monday night was a great example of why I love it. Magic family moments happen.

I am a mama guilty by today's standards of sheltering my children in terms of what television they watch.  I am puzzled by how other families allow their very young children to watch shows like CSI (add every letter of the alphabet in this space) in all of it's many permutations and well actually most shows on TV at early evening.  Kids are expected to grow up so fast- I am all for bringing back "slow" childhood- much like there is a revival for "slow" cooking.  There is plenty of time ahead for them to be grown ups.

have to add here that I LOVE the Simpsons.  How refreshing to see a family with all of it's natural dysfunction laid bare- it is charming and funny because at it's core is a family who love each other deeply flaws and all.  Imperfection is sooooo healthy! Most families portrayed on TV are so white bread perfect and so sickeningly sweet a la fairy floss it makes me gag! 

Anyway....I have said before (but I'm going to say it again) that I love Masterchef because it has finally brought to early evening TV a show I can watch with all my children snuggled in (read packed in like sardines) on the couch (although there is a mad flurry to hit the mute button when the ad breaks come on as we are bombarded with ads for all the TV shows we loathe!).  What a precious time- time to take it slow together.

Now on Monday as we watched my children began commenting on the notion that most of these people were making major life changes and wanting to change career or follow through with a dream they have had but not brought to reality.  They commented on the idea that perhaps some of them didn't realise that working in a commercial kitchen might not be quite the dream they envisioned.  That all the chefs talk about how hard it is.  It's not like serving a up a nice sedate meal to your best friends who comment positively to you on your lovely meal.  It's chaotic and stressful and most of the time doesn't come with adulation but pretty harsh criticism.

Hubby G asked the kids if they have ever heard the term "The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".  Mr. Eleven and Mr. Nine had but our divine and very emotionally intuitive Mr. Seven hadn't.

But as so often is the case it was Mr. Seven who came out with the most MAGNIFICENT philosophical statement of all time (well until his next one that is!).  Here it is......"Yeah but you always step in dog poo and kill bugs and worms every time you take a step".

Well how true.........very often "the other side" doesn't really turn out to be the paradise we were hoping it would be.

So now on the days when I am struggling and wishing that maybe my life could be somehow greener somewhere and someway else I am now going to remember what Mr. Seven said.  Beware of the dog poo!

Children are so good at reminding us of what is important.  They are great at being able to enjoy the moment.  Sometimes they can be such good teachers.

So today I am going to enjoy what is and not think too much about what is not.  And enjoy my side of the fence! It's not that bad......

I will spend some time sitting in the sun out in the front yard on my couch in the front garden so I can say hello to the people that pass by.

And on the dinner table will be a simple Eggy dinner with some eggs laid by "The ladies" - as the boys collectively call our chooks- although they do have individual names-  Henny, Jasmine, Gomez, Fluffy, Peckers, Peepers, Lucy, Moog & Dotty.
I love this track sooooooo much and it is seems the right choice (sorry it's only audio).......enjoy.


  1. Love your blog! reminds me that it's all so 'normal' as I sit up in bed, engulfed by the 'flu, folding washing, between nose blowing, checking homework, and ignoring a pile of wet towels that needed washing yesterday.
    And your taste in music-well its brilliant!

  2. What a wonderful post! I just love looking at life through my children's innocent eyes. They just tell it like it is. Lately we have seen a lot of 'Grass seems greener' but I will now think of that dog poo too!
    Jenny (jjbd on twitter)

  3. Oh yes! The true unadorned integrity of Mr.7 - going on 70 for wisdom. Am I getting there too at 69? Mmmm. Maybe a little. Sometimes and sometimes not. Dog-poo and dreams together sounds good to me (and bad!)

    How wonderful ( and pesky) you all are.

    Love you warts and all. Jomaxxxx


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