Monday, 3 May 2010

Monday Motivation issues

Woke up this morning in Melbourne to a chilly 9 degree start.  Days like this I just wish I was my dog Polly Jean -named after my rock goddess Polly Jean Harvey.  I'm not sure that PJ Harvey would get the compliment of a Basset Hound being named after her but whatever!  Hubby G is keen on getting a male companion and the kids have already decided that he will be called Elvis.....well who could argue!
She just gets cuddled, adored, played with when she feels like it and fed. She is not supposed to be on the couch but we can't resist and she of course indulges herself happily.

Sounds great doesn't it......

I am not really feeling much like doing my job today.  I am having one of those crises of "too much to do" and I am frozen with indecision about where to start.

I am on to bowl of coffee number 3 hoping that when I reach the bottom I will be magicly transformed into the perfect housewife who takes great pride in having a show home with perfectly dusted bookcases and glistening floors.

Oh wait I just remembered- that ain't EVER going to be me!  I would be scared if I turned into that lady and even though Hubby G would probably like a little more order in  our house he would panic if I turned into that lady too!  And he openly admits that he loves it when people comment on our homely, welcoming home.

I pride myself on being a mama who has a HOME and not a showpiece.  I want people to come and escape here and join me in living life.  Our home is messy and lived in.  The washing piles are ridicilous- ALWAYS!!!  I never get to celebrate "getting on top of the washing".  It has never happened yet and with 7 people to wash for I can't see that changing anytime soon.  The dishwasher is always full and needing to be emptied so that we can put the dishes that are filling the sink into it.  Mostly the beds are unmade.  Although sometimes I am guilty of hiding the mess by pulling the quilts up over everything (genius move I say!).

But.....the coffee machine is always on and ready to deliver and I am more than happy to sit at the table with my "droppers in" and waste some time chatting over another bowl of coffee!

And you know what- today I just had a beautiful friend of mine drop over to do just that.  We haven't seen each other in way too long and it was so lovely to reconnect.  It was karma I reckon- as I had already started today's post when she arrived at the door to remind me that being able to NOT stick to a schedule of housework is a good thing.

Given my mood today the menu tonight needs to reflect my "I can't be fagged" mood.......

One pot wonders are a known speciality of tonight's dinner will be my all in the pot Chicken soup.

What you need for Gourmet Girlfriends All in the Pot Chook soup:
  • one whole chook (I haven't mentioned before but I ALWAYS use free range chook- if I can't get them I cook something else)
  • an onion
  • garlic
  • celery
  • bunch of parsley
  • bay leaf
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • any other veg of choice
  • water
Chop onion, garlic, celery, carrots.  Fry these in a little olive oil.

Chop other veg into size you like to eat in soup- my kids like it pretty small.

Once onion and garlic is translucent I add the chook whole (I skin mine but you don't have to). And the finely chopped parsley and bay.  Season (adjust once all cooked)

Add water to cover and simmer for about an hour.  By this time the chook will be falling off the bone.
take the chook out of the broth and pull all meat off the bone.  Shred it, put back into the pot and season.

Sometimes I add noodles (cooked separately and added to each bowl before serving) or pearl barley (put into soup and cooked till ready).

Serve with good bread.

To cook well you need a little soul....try this turned up loud!

The washing can wait...... it's time to turn up the music to loud and dance in the kitchen!  Join me on my journey.


  1. Beautiful, warm lovely post. My old home *sob* in Elwood sounds like door for drop-ins - especially for dinner! I miss that. Housework Schmoushwork I say.

  2. Nice one Bunz,
    sites coming along a treat, love. Glad to hear your life lovin' stories!! lots of love and hugs always, et Bisous,
    Nood XXXOOO

  3. What a gorgeous post! I want to come over! I can smell the coffee and soup and see the pile of washing growing with each visitor... definitely my idea of home. Another idea for your chicken soup is adding the juices of a recent roast kept in the fridge. My dad's wife does it and it tastes so amazing. Sure it's not as good for you, terrible for the arteries and waist but hey, it's sooo good for the soul.

  4. was about to go to bed then realised I hadn't read todays post ( now 11pm and Max doesn't care what time I go to bed when he wakes in the morning we wake) I got to the part about your SHOW home , paused , then aaah big smile at " that ain't ever gonna happen" , phew thought something was up. Loving you more every day ( was that ever going to be possible?) BTW hate posting as anonymous but seems no other way:(


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