Friday, 18 February 2011

Getting my groove on

It's Friday today.

2 weeks since school went back.

Back to schoolness is exhausting.

Kind of like starting a new job exhausting.

Like I need any help being more exhausted- puhlease!!!!!

I have 5 children at 4 different places this year.

  • 1x12yo at High school- settled in. CHECK
  • 1x10yo & 1x8yo at Primary school- settled in- CHECK
  • 1x4yo at kinder- settled in- CHECK
  • 1x 2yo at home ruling the roost- CHECK


It has really taken me these couple of weeks to find my groove and help them all with their organisation.

Mind you I'm not one of those mummas who does everything for them- that ain't how I roll. I don't think I would be doing my boys ANY favours by being that kind of mother.  And the idea of my lads growing up thinking that girls are around to do all their jobs HORRIFIES me.......

I try to encourage independence as much as possible.

But doing that is in some ways more exhausting. And sometimes the emotional backlash is hard.

"Mum why didn't you pack my (insert LUNCH, HOMEWORK, SWIMMERS, really ?"

My response goes something like this: "Actually maybe you want to be asking 'How come I didn't pack my........'" It ain't my job to pack their bags, do their homework, dress them, SIRREE!

It is my job to love them.....and sometimes that involves doing stuff which doesn't feel as nice as others.

But after 2 weeks I am finally feeling like I have my mothering mojo back.


To celebrate I am going out tonight to see one of my favourite musicians- the lovely M.WARD.

My 12yo wanted to join me- he also LOVES him...actually all my big boys do.

I realised it ain't that far away when him & I can go 'giggin' together.

Oh and you know how I asked you all to remind me to ring my cleaner on my last post..... well she arrives today at 2!

Suddenly I don't feel so tired!


I know quite a few folks who HATE brussel sprouts... (well of course I LOVE 'EM!) and I promised to post my recipe to help them learn to love the humble sprout!
So here goes.....


Brussel Sprouts 300g
Preserved lemon- (avail from good delis) NB. I will post my recipe for these soon. SUPER EASY
2 tblspns Butter
3 rashers of bacon- finely sliced


Halve brussel sprouts & trim outer leaves.

In a non-stick fry pan melt butter at medium-high heat and add bacon.  Fry until it is quite crispy.

Remove flesh from a qtr of a preserved lemon (Preserved lemon has quite a strong flavour so you don't need much) & slice very finely- or chop into very small cubes if you prefer.

Add the brussel sprouts.  Try to place them flat side down.  Don't be tempted to stir- what we want to achieve is caramelizing them flesh. Agitating is fine but try not to stir! I know that is almost impossible for some cooks.....but bear with me!

Add the preserved lemon.

You may add a little water to help them cook through but let the water evaporate.

Avoid using a lid as covering the sprouts loses their gorgeous vibrant green colour.

When cooked through remove from pan, season (be careful with salt as the lemon is quite salty already) and serve!

They are beautiful with a schnitzel, roast chook or with a strong fish like swordfish.   I would happily eat these on their own though....but you know me!

Here's a lovely song by the lovely M.WARD


  1. Brussel sprout are my favourite! I love it with bacon too! And if I am feeling exceptionally naughty I use Kaiserflech :) Great post Ruth!

  2. Love this recipe, I will try it Sunday with my roast chook!

  3. I love your brussel sprouts! Of course. You're just a goddam spunk you are! WORD.

  4. You are an inspirational parent (and love brussel sprouts) x

  5. Yum that is an awesome brussels sprouts recipe that is sure to convert the most ardent brussels sprouts hater. Of course butter and bacon together could make cardboard taste amazing ^_^

  6. Love brussel sprouts and have not had them for ages - thanks!

  7. I hate brussel sprouts, they make me gag .....but, I tried this and it's fantastic: remove outer leaves & trim, place in a bowl of salted water & submerge with a small plate on top to weight them down. Leave for one hr, min. Drain, dry & roast with lashings of olive oil and chopped bacon. Stunning. Soaking them removes the bitterness.


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