Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This weekend our family is going to be doing one of our FAVOURITE all time things.


Yeah- I's a love or hate thing isn't it.

Well me, I LOVE IT!!


I have spent my entire life camping.

As a child my Mum & Dad borrowed the money for a one way fare to Europe with 5 children (ages 8,7,5,4 &1). I was the baby.

It wasn't in the days of aeroplanes - the one way fare was a 6 WEEK trip on a BOAT!!!!!! The thought of it totally FREAKS me out!

I can only look back in total and utter AWE at my parent's bravery- or perhaps full & total mentalness!

We all complain about relatively short aeroplane trips....I cannot imagine what it must have been like.

I learnt how to walk on the boat. It just seems bizarre.

Anyway we spent the next 2 years camping around Europe in a gorgeous French camping trailer. The European campers are built with families in mind, unlike their Australian cousins which are really built for retired couples with no children in tow.

Several years ago when Hubby was away in NYC for a work trip I found a gorgeous vintage Dutch camping trailer advertised on the Trading Post.

We had been looking on & off for over 10 years for our own camping trailer but I couldn't get excited about the heavy canvas Australian models after the one I had grown up in. The European ones have a sense of style about them & they are often built with 2 double beds to house a family. And apart from anything the cost of the Australian ones was prohibitive.

It was meant to be.......when I rang the current owner he was only a few streets away from where I lived.

So I bought it.


Check out the hilarious Original brochure that was still in the camper when I bought it (obviously I need to pack my bikini & high heels!):

Now that is Glamping right there!
After far too long.....we are going away in it this weekend before we take it across to Tasmania in April for the Tour Of Tasmania 2011 GourmetGirlfriend style !

The 2 little kids had the BESTEST time while Hubby & I sorted out our gear that lives in the camper ready to go when we want.

If you look carefully you will see the Atomic lying down on the grass near the swing out kitchen!
Because we basically lived in our camping trailer in Europe my mum became VERY clever at cooking great meals within the limitations of a two burner gas stove or a campfire. The skills have been passed on to all 5 of us kids.

Think curries, slow cooked meat dishes, pasta, the bestest toasties of all time, simple bbq's, etc etc.

And don't worry I won't live without my good coffee- my Atomic coffee machine comes too.... I can still have excellent coffee. I'm going with the term that someone mentioned this week..... GLAMPERS! Love it!

Camping teaches you all about improvising and keeping it simple. It strips life back to it's bare bones.

Kids love camping. They love that their parents are around them without the distractions that being at home give us. The laundry, the birthday parties, the homework, the shopping.......on and on.

I will be taking some Salsa Verde this weekend.....just in case we catch a fish!


1/2 cup of dill
1/2 cup of flat leaf parsley
1/2 cup of mint
4 tblspooons capers
2 cloves garlic
8 anchovy fillets
2 tblspns Dijon mustard
1/3 cup EVOO (extra virgin Olive oil)
2 tblspns lemon juice (rind also)
S & P to taste (shldnt need salt because of Anchovies)


Blitz baby blitz et Voila!

On the way there we will probably be listening to this LOUD as requested so often by my kids in the car...and they sing along word for word:


  1. Love the "careful holidays" quote in the pamphlet... Cracker!

  2. ....and did you see this ripper "Charm, comfort & a long life"...hilarious...that must be what camping in your swimsuit & high heels does for you!
    How have I got it so wrong all these years?

  3. i love it ruth!
    cant wait to see the pics from bruny island, lots of cheese pics too please

  4. For a split second I thought that I would like to go camping after reading you story. So I figure I could invite myself and then be then be the personal chef? I will need to let my boss know so I can apply for leave from the deli...what do you think? :)

  5. I THINK-Y E S!!!!! Alan can be the Barrista. xx

  6. Fantastic post! I really enjoyed reading this. Truly harious and a fantastic salsa verde recipe. For any of your followers who also love glamping, be sure to check out :) happy travels! X

  7. Ah yes! brings it all back. Well -luckily, the happy memories seem to survive best. There are always some tricky moments but they, too, are part of a life well lived ie to the max!,which is what I aspire too and I love to see you doing the same, dear daughter. Happy camping! Actually we just bought a new jockey wheel for our original 70s trailer today - ready for a trip to the river soon.

  8. Camping in your part of the world, (and the sunnier parts of Europe) sounds just about perfect. Unfortunately a combination of a childhood summers spent camping (we call it Damping!!) in the soggy west of Ireland means I've been put off for life. It also gave me a lifelong aversion to Scrabble and Monopoly....!

    I really wish I loved camping.


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