Friday, 18 March 2011

Beach perfection

Last week our family took an extra long weekend and flew back to Adelaide to catch up with family.

My parents live in the most perfect of locations for our family to visit.

The house that they have transformed from a "Demolition delight" to a true beach house is just the most gorgeous of places.

The house is located directly on the beachfront- no road....just dunes and beach.

D I V I N E.

Nestled very closely alongside are dozens and dozens of concrete bunkers next to their little old beauty.

But what makes their place sooooo special is them.

They have created a home that welcomes everyone.   We all sit out the front of the house and take in the amazing environment while their neighbours sit inside their homes and miss out on the lovely interactions with strangers ambling by. 

It's sense of vibrancy is immediately apparent by the colour splashed around and the many & varied artworks collected and displayed.

It shows their travels and joys.  It shows their love of life but mostly it shows how they love people and love to welcome them.

Whenever we go and sit out the front the passers by comment on what a magnificent place it is- lots of people say it's their favourite.  I can see why......

All seven of us are happily fitted into their little house as cosily as if we are always there.  It is not a big house but it's big on love.

We had cousin catch-ups, sibling catch-ups, friend catch-ups, feasting, swimming, relaxing & general merriment- and for the whole 5 days I DID NOT COOK ONCE!!!!

That has NEVER before happened.  Everyone in my family love to cook and are all great at it.  It kind of goes without saying with my family that catching up means a nosh-up. Soooo much fun! 

I hope one day when I am a grandparent that I can share my home so openly with my children & grandchildren.

I'm sending a very big & very squeezy hug to my lovely parents for being the lovely loving people you are

how lucky I am to have you. 



5 lemons (unwaxed) cut into quarters
125g coarse salt
1 bay leaf
2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
extra lemon juice

 In a large bowl mix salt, lemons, spices and extra lemon juice and massage well.
Place a teaspoon of salt into bottom of a sterilised jar. 
Place lemon mix into jar carefully. Press hard down on fruit to release as much juice as possible.
Scrape any salt mix from bowl into jar.
Turn the jar every day or so to mix.
Let mature for at least a month in a cool spot.

When using in cooking be sure to REMOVE all the pulp.  It is the rind that you use.

Todays listening pleasure is a tribute to Joe Morello one of the greatest drummers of all time who died last week. I have been listening to this song all my life and still love it:


  1. Sounds like the perfect holiday Ruth and your parents look lovely! And thanks for that preserved lemon recipe. I bought some six months ago as Neil Perry uses them a lot in a cookbook i have of his and the small jar cost about $12 and i thought they can't be hard to make.

  2. thanks for the appreciative comments Ruth,'s easy to love you all.

  3. Yeah preserved lemons are a pantry staple! Best to make them whilst ins season or sometimes you can be hit for like 70c per lemon at the major supermarkets!
    The image gallery is evocative of lazy, salt-blurred summers and sharing family times - very impressive!

  4. Thanks, darling Ruth, for your loving and generous comments - just like yourself. It was actually my great pleasure to have you all here. To share with you all is such a gift - your family is so rich in caring, thoughtfulness, fun, spontaneity, wisdom and sheer delight in being. Each one of you is a goldmine of delight - with the occasional bluepatch to make it all real! It was a very special time for me for sure. Thanks for all your effort in making it happen. Joma xxxxxxx

  5. ooh and I'm sad about Joe Morello too. Just love that Brubeck sound.

    Joma xx

  6. Oh my heart.

    Ruth, this post speaks to my heart. You are blessed to have parents like these, and such a magical place to share with your family too. The way you talk about your parents, they sound just like my own! (They even look like them!)
    I too am blessed with a close-knit family that just love to gather together whenever possible, and cook and eat just have a lovely old time chatting and catching up. The only difference I can see is that you have the added bonus of SUNSHINE!! :-)

    Absolutely wonderful, heartwarming post. Thank you for sharing. C x

  7. Blessed I am. thankyou Ciara- I love that you 'hear' me. and so happy to have met you too! x


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