Monday, 22 August 2011

Drying my tears....

Grief has gripped me for most of the last year. 

The weather did for the rest.

We had been in a drought for a decade and then.....

Oh then!

Those clouds heavy and dark with moisture,  let go of the tears they had been holding back for a decade.

They  have been crying ever since.

Me too.

In the last couple of days the clouds have disappeared and given way to  glorious indigo Spring skies.

Maybe......... just maybe it is time to wipe the tears just for a minute.

The blossoms are bursting, the luminescent green growth of new leaves is all around.

This morning after my bowl of coffee, finally able to be savoured in my favourite morning spot thanks to the sparkling sun.

I meandered around my garden and found so many reasons to dry my eyes.....

I hope the clouds go back to an occasional too. 

I need that sunshine.

It helps me see more clearly, see the beauty.

Helps me be more mindful of all the simple pleasures that surround me.

Here is what I found on my garden wander this morning.

My soul is smiling.

I LOVE this salad.  We have varieties of this very often. 
At the farmer's market on the weekend I picked  up a bulging bulb of fennel & some delicious little brussels so I had to make it. 
I shaved a little home grown horseradish on too for a bit of extra zing.
You can swap the brussel sprouts for any kind of cabbage, also you can add apple or orange, change the herbs too.  The basis for me is the fennel & the capers, the rest changes depending on what I have.
Be generous with the Capers!
It is beautiful with fish, chook, lamb.  I served it alongside a Mushroom risotto the other night.  Delicious!

  • one fennel bulb, trim but save the frills (you can add these to the salad)
  • 3-4 brussels sprouts
  • 4 tablespoons of baby capers
  • roughly chopped parsley & mint
  • 1 lemon (grate rind & reserve the juice for dressing)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano (shaved or ground)
  • 1 tblspoon dijon mustard
  • EVOO (extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  • S & P
Finely slice the fennel & brussel sprouts.  I use a kitchen Mandolin but if you don't have one just slice VERY finely.
Grate the lemon rind over the salad so the oil & all it's perfume lands on it too!
Add the chopped herbs
Add the capers and a good 1/2 cup of Parmigiano- I shaved mine this time but often I use ground.
Make a vinaigrette using the mustard, EVOO & lemon juice.
Drizzle generously, toss and season.
This morning I have been listening to an ol' joy.  This song reminds me of early days with my gorgeous hubby....days of youth and promise of our days together ahead.


  1. I love spring. For me it's the possibility of new beginnings and I'm so very pleased you're coming to a new place of peace and less sadness. You have a beautiful garden and a beautiful family lovely! Xxxx

  2. Lovely, FOOD, SNAPS, SENTIMENTS and BILLY *sigh* x

  3. So glad you're seeing some sunshine x

  4. yum!! I'm making that this week!! Thanks for sharing :)
    And how awesome is this gorgeous sunshiney weather! Making me smile for sure!

  5. It's lovely to hear that you're feeling the clouds lift. It's amazing what the change in season and sunshine on cheeks can do for the spirit, and that beautiful garden would do wonders too. I wish for you many more happy days ahead xx

  6. Yummo! The salad sounds divine.
    I'm happy for the sunnier days too, glad your smiling too! x

  7. Nothing can beat this time of year, and the relief it brings. You can't help but smile on a beautiful sunny day, surrounded by all that beauty. x

  8. Oh, SO good to hear, dear one. And Spring is just about the best time for stretching out those tender wings and tentatively feeling your way out into the sunshine.
    Enjoy, my dear. C x


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