Thursday, 18 August 2011

Spring Chickens....


It is coming!

Spring is busting its way through the cold woody trees.

The buds are bulging until they cannot be contained any longer and are bursting; displaying their magnificence.

Soon the fruit behind those blossoms will swell to give us our delicious summer stone fruits.

Me & my 2 littlest spring chickens went out walking to enjoy a rare break in the rain this week.

The winter has felt long.

And cold.

The chooks haven't been laying for months.....

Yesterday I went out to refresh their water and feed them the scraps.

And then there, right there was the biggest and bestest sign that Spring is very nearly here.
Thankyou very much ladies! We have missed your bounty.....

Our ladies had started laying again!
There is nothing like collecting eggs from your very own backyard chickens.
Except maybe the eating of them!

I always make my own breadcrumbs and quite often have some leftover.  Once you have made your own you will never buy a packet of them again. it is so worth the little effort it takes.
They keep well in an airtight container in the fridge for quite a while. 
Just use leftover bread (use good quality bread), take off the crust (feed them to your chooks!), and blitz in your food processor.  It takes about 30 seconds!
I like to add extra goodness in with the crumbs.  You can add all manner of things.
This crumb mix was made to coat loin pork chops so I had added loads of sage, lemon rind and Parmesan cheese. It goes amazing well on eggplant too. Did you know I LOVE eggplant?  It is probably my favourite vegetable (along with beetroot). Some people do the whole salt thing. Me- well I have never ever had a bitter eggplant so I have never bothered.
I have made this dish several times. The eldest 2 boys LOVE it. It is really quite quick & easy and super scrummy.   The mozzarella oozes out the sides....mmmm so good! It is substantial enough for a main course.
  • 1 large eggplant
  • home made breadcrumbs
  • EVOO
  • good quality Mozzarella (if you can, use Buffalo, if not use a good quality substitute)
  • pesto (hopefully you have some of this in your fridge!)
  • 1 egg (beaten with a dash of milk)
  • flour for dusting
  • S & P
 Season the flour well with salt & pepper. 
Place the flour, the crumbs and the egg into 3 SEPARATE bowls.
Slice the eggplant into 1cm thick rounds.  Cut an even number as you will sandwich them.
Slice the mozzarella.

Place a piece of Mozzarella on one side of the eggplant sandwich & paste the other with pesto as in pic below:
Now place the 2 pieces together and dust in flour, coat with egg and then with the herby crumbs.

Once all sandwiches are made add some EVOO to a shallow non-stick pan and fry on a gentle heat until brown.  

Flip and do same to other side.
Drain on paper towel.

I think it is best served with a crunchy green salad with loads if fresh herbs.  I add loads of dill as I really LOVE dill & eggplant together.

Today's tune is a new find courtesy of a lovely friend ;)
William Blake's words married with gorgeous music & could it not be AMAZING?



  1. Oh WOW that looks yummy!! I think eggplant (or aubergine as we call it here!) is one of my favourites too, but I'm on my own, unfortunately. :-( SO. I think maybe you have just given me a possible winner. I will try it. And if they still don't like it well...I'll just have to eat them all myself! :-D

    Nothing beats that first creeping of spring. We are at the height of are summer, just when we are teetering, about to tip over into autumn. It's creeping here too.
    I just had a sudden image of the two of us always the other side of the seasons, always just out of sight of each other, that brief flash, a glimpse, but no, still out of sight, like hide and seek. So thankful for blogland bringing us together! :-D

    I need chooks!!

  2. dont say its spring there...i am still waiting for the summer to START here - today is nice for the first time in weeks...i have hope!


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