Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A letter to my best friend

To my very Best Friend,

We have been friends now for a very long time.

We celebrated getting married in our tenth year together.

Our wedding was 15 years ago.

Me dressed in Red.

You in your sartorial magnificence.

Driven to our beach wedding in a gorgeous old Mercedes by my gorgeous Sister & Brother in Law who had decorated their vintage Merc resplendent with Red ribbon to match my dress.

This week we celebrate our 25th year together.

I read that and I think WOW!

How lucky I am.

How many 17yo girls find a mate that will still be their loyal companion 25 years later?

One with such steadfast integrity, loyalty, sharp intellect, dry humour & sizzling good looks.

I won the lottery when I won your heart.

We have moved to a lot of places, seen a lot of stuff, had some tough times, but way more great times, collected way more than we can fit into our little house, created five amazing boys, lived a great life.

The thing I love most about you is that you are my best friend.

How is it even possible that I love you more now than I did then?

I never thought that would or could be possible.

Here's lookin at you kid!

And US.

May it last a whole lot longer.

Thanks for helping make my life a Taco (that will make sense after you watch the video below).

Lots of big LOVE,

from your Best friend.

Life's a pie.....
Do you love pies?
I do!
Tarts & Pies are a great way to feed a vegetarian meal to meat eating people who may be a little "Dude where is the Meat?" when you serve Vego food.
I make quite a few pies, some with tops some without. Some sweet, some savoury.
This one has no top & is a bit of a mix of sweet AND savoury.
I love the unctuous rich flavour of Caramelised onion. They give this pie a lovely sweetness.
You could change the vegies around-  replace the Cavalo Nero with roast pumpkin.
So many options! 
I LOVE Cavalo Nero.....- I talked about it on my Facebook page this week. What a great veg!

  • 1 bunch Cavalo Nero (tuscan kale), chopped fine
  • 2 cloves garlic, diced
  • 3 large onions, sliced into halves then sliced fine
  • puff pastry
  • 1/4 cup cream
  • 100g Ricotta
  • 1/2 cup peas
  • butter
  • 1 heaped teaspoon Raw sugar (or Brown)
  • a little water
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/4 cup cream
  • S & P
Preheat oven to 180C

Heat a non stick to medium. 

Add butter and sliced onions.

Cook gently till edges are browning and the onion is translucent. 
Add sugar and water and cook for another few minutes till the onions are slippery and have a sweet aroma.

Add garlic, Cavalo Nero & stir till the kale takes on it's gorgeous luminous green and is just soft.
Add peas.

Stir through and take off heat.
Grease a Pie dish and line with Puff pastry.
Add the Cavalo Nero mix & spread evenly over the pastry.

Dot the mix with chunks of Ricotta.

In a small bowl mix the eggs and cream together.
Use a pastry brush and brush the edges of the pastry with this mix then pour remainder evenly over the top of the veg.
Pop into the oven for about 30 minutes or until the pastry is Golden Brown.


  1. Scooze me. You're both DIVINE. BIGLOVE

  2. Thanks for making me cry Roofy. My thoughts on why you love him more is because you get to know him more. Big red love to you both xxx

  3. You made me cry, so beautiful...

    I met my man when I was 16. I knew back then that nobody would ever compare, he was the one. Seventeen years later he still is.

  4. WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You gave me goosies. Happy 25th to you's xxx

  5. My dearest GG and your dearest G. You have always been a couple remarkable for your vitality and originality. I remember way back then how innocent and idealistic you both were. And you have fulfilled so many of those dreams - and more. It has been - nearly always! - such a delight for me to share in your lives. I am so grateful for the friendship of you both. Congratulations on your splendid relationship. Long may you enjoy it! xxxxxx Joma

  6. How wonderful! 25 years together is beautiful and should be utterly celebrated.

    And I just love that song!

  7. Happy anniversary and such a lovely message to your beloved!!! Love the song... The tart looks bloody awesome!

  8. Happy 25 years to you and your lovely hubby! Adored this love-filled, smile-inducing post and that song... hurrah for someone to make life a taco for so many wonderful years xx

  9. Aw, that made me teary :-)
    I've known my bloke since we were eighteen so I know what you speak of.
    Aren't we lucky.
    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  10. You and your bestie...what a beautiful life you've had already..with so much more to come. Happy anniversary xo

  11. Gorgeous post, Ruth. Here's to you and your beloved and to many, many more long years together ahead for you!

    There's a lot to be said about young love, the innocence and idealism, as mentioned by your Mum (I think?) above, and how it actually is the most solid foundation of all, for the ones lucky enough to discover that, and brave enough to believe it! xxx

  12. Happy times Ruth, what a gem you have, and what a gem he has! I hope in another 15 years I'm writing the same about my Mr. Love that you use the word unctuous. Such a perfect word for food. Where do you get your cavalo nero? I've been reading loads about kale and can't find it :(

  13. Happy anniversary to you two spunks! I love the way you love, write and cook. So beautiful.
    I met my bestie when I was 17 also and have almost been married for 6 years! I feel blessed.

  14. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who made their beloved wait it out before marriage! 21yrs together this Dec, 12yrs of marriage ;) So many beautiful thoughts and moments Ruth, and I just sat there nodding my head, all "mm hmm, oh yea, me too,"...The number of cards where I have stated the very words "I can't believe it's possible to love you more then on that day we said I DO"...I'm always so very thankful that we met young and that we have met every challenge head on and come out stronger and more in love, but I think that's what makes it. For me, Le Mr is also my best friend, but what I deem our success? Laughter, laughter, laughter. I don't know how one lives without it, but he can still make me pee my pants, laugh so hard that tears roll and I can't get air, and I hope I'm still doing that from my wheelchair! So many happy returns to you & your Mr. I can't wait to follow that with a hug one day :)) Bisous. xoxo

  15. OMG why do I not spend more time luxuriating in this super amazing, wonderful blog of yours?!?! Your food is DIVINE with a capital DIVIN and E. Quick question about your cauliflower post - how long do you roast it for? x

  16. Oh much love and happiness to you both! A happy marriage is truly a blessed thing to be part of and to behold.


  17. Just wonderful! So many happy wishes for you and yo' fam.

  18. I'm just visiting from a link @ Baby Mac .. and just HAD to comment. There aren't too many people I know that met their most-loved @ 17 and have been together for 25 years. We too met @ 17 and are still in love 25 years later. Lots of ups and downs and bumps in the roads - but also lots of fun times - but to make it this far and still love them is just a great magical thing. Congrats (and love your red dress). Now I must dash and read some of your recipes. Yummmm (-:


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