Monday, 29 October 2012

Unplanned perfect

We just had the most wonderful weekend.

Saturday was our kids local Primary school fair.

It was so super lovely to just spend the entire day mooching around celebrating our lovely community.

I didn't know where my crew were most of the day but I knew they were safe.

Being looked after by each other & by their friends and by other parents.

I would look around and this is what I would see....
 Brothers loving each other.

On rides together, faces sore from smiling.

And then later on my 12yo went on stage with his band.

OMG when did kids get so awesome?
And so brave?
Can you imagine doing that at 12?
It was amazing.
They played a bit of Leonard Cohen & a bit of Paul Kelly.
As you do.
The little kids made up the mosh pit down the front.
Max was keen on getting them up on stage with him to dance.
They did.
So much fun.
The fun went into the night.........
We stumbled into bed late with happy exhaustion
A busy busy day.
A lazy brekky out on Sunday morning was in order...
We left the teenager behind fast asleep.
As you do.....
We walked home slowly.
And did some Spring gardening....
Then later we realised we hadn't had lunch or thought about dinner.
We did a late rush to Prahran market at closing time.
I wanted some fish for dinner.
We scored all this for a tenner (the benefit of shopping at closing time).
And I got a couple of pieces of Salmon and Swordfish.
Our closing time Market haul
I made the bunch of Basil into Basil Butter.
The kids devoured mango after mango.
We ate a delicious meal outside together and stumbled again wearily into bed, content.
What a lovely weekend.
A weekend of accidental perfection.
We couldn't of planned it better.
My favourite kind.
A perfect start to my birthday week.

The heady scent of basil is like no other.
I you don't have it in your garden and buy bunches you will notice how quickly and easily it bruises.
This is a great way to preserve the fresh and perfume rich flavour of basil a little bit longer.
Try & use the best butter you can afford. 
I love butter from Myrtleford Butter Factory .
Once made you can use slices from your roll of herbed butter to pop on top of steak, fish, chicken, in pasta or on top of vegetable fritters- really the possibilities are ENDLESS!

  • 1 bunch Basil
  • 125g Buter
Pop a small pan with a little water onto the stove and bring to the boil.

While the water is cooking, remove all of the Basil leaves from the stems (don't throw the stems away, they can be finely chopped and used in pasta sauce or stock).

Once water is at boiling point, throw the leaves in- just for a moment, until they are blanched and vibrant green. 

Remove and squeeze as much excess water as you can.

Blitz till fine in a food processor & now add the butter and blitz till combined.

On your work top place down some glad wrap and silicon paper on top of that.

Use a spatula to remove the herby butter from the food processor and onto the silicon paper.

Use the glad wrap to help you roll into a sausage.
Twist the ends tight to help you achieve that shape.

Place roll into the fridge for at least an hour to set.

Keep refrigerated for a couple of weeks.
I used it to pop on top of our Barbecued fish. 

The kids played this at the fair. Three guitars. One trumpet. SO very much amazing right there on stage.


  1. What a perfect weekend! The fair was great such a great community feel about it. If I had known Mr12 was playing I would have stuck around!
    Hope you have some special things planned for your birthday week!? what day is it? xo jody

  2. That all sounds just beautiful.(Specially love the hands of those two littlies gardening) I'm so looking forward to the next few days with you all - and I'm sure they'll be equally serendipitous. Just have to try that basil butter for dinner tonight - got some lovely fresh basil from the garden of our generous friend Leo. See you real soon

  3. My boys school had their fair on the weekend too! I spent the day selling at the cake stall- it was a big sucess!!!It was loveing to see out local community out supporting our tiny little 100 year old school :)
    I hope you have a totally wonderful, love filled, fun time birthday week- MMMWWWAAAHHH!!

  4. Just catching up on some of your Blog GG. This looks lovely. I love your family. Your boys. So gorgeous.
    Yummy basil butter too. I have a hopeless track record with growing basil. Either snails get it or it just withers and dies before I've had much of a chance to use/eat it.

    Also, just wanted to say that I had an ephiphany the other day to do with accidental perfection when I emailed a friend and said that each day is busy in and of itself without too much forward planning. I like it like that. You end up tired and busy at just the right pace. I hate it when busyness is scheduled and planned and therefore stressed about.

    Happy Birthday in advance if I miss it on IG.
    Lucinda xx

  5. Hi GG

    Just a quick question on the blanching. Is there a reason? I have done similar type herb butters before but never blanched. Does it bring out the flavour more? Also thoroughly recommend doing this but with blue cheese. I love a slice (frozen) put on a great steak towards the end of cooking...D to the IVINE.

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend GG! Your fish looks delicious especially with that slender asparagus and basil butter. So much goodness!

  7. Love little boys, hands down my best customers for face painting fun
    Love Leonard
    Love spontaneity
    Only Basil I grow successfully is Greek Basil which is delicious just smaller petals

  8. That sounds like a really lovely weekend! Those accidental awesome ones are the best!

  9. That sounds just about perfect. xxx

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