Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Optimistic for the future

Last week I had the pleasure of watching my 14yo son's school production of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

The kids did it all.

The set design, the lighting, the direction, the production design & the sound, the art for the handouts, the ushering.

It was so incredible to see.

There were errors, little lines forgotten here & there, people that were hard at times to hear, lights on the wrong players but there was also inventiveness, amazing music played by the kids, incredible make-up & costumes, fantastically choreographed flash mob dance scenes, lines delivered with brilliant humour and acting that the Bard would have been proud of.

Here in front of the audience was a generation of burgeoning adults who are often labelled with descriptors such as "lazy, selfish, unable to concentrate or finish anything, no-hopers".........

What I saw was a generation of young adults who were filled with endeavour, wit, camaraderie, concern for one another, humour, originality,  musical genius, courage & intellect.

I for one will not partake in the conversation that puts down the current generation of youth.

Give them the opportunity to fulfil their talents and they will seize the opportunity.

I wish someone had told me to pack tissues.

I sat two rows back with tears slowly and silently falling.

I wasn't one bit sad.

I was just plain overwhelmed.

So proud of each and every one of the kids on that stage that night.

To stand up in front of an audience & recite William Shakespeare is no mean feat but to have done so & given it the life they did was truly something to behold.

I am optimistic for the future.

The hands that it is in are filled with creativity, genius, independence, courage, friendship, humility & love.

It is in good hands.

Summer means lots of stone fruits.
This is a good way to use the stone fruit that is sitting in your fruit bowl that needs to get used up.
This recipe is for Peaches but you could substitute any stone fruit.
Delicious served on your cereal with some yoghurt, on Ricotta Hotcakes, Pancakes, or served with a good Ice cream for a fresh and delicious dessert.
It will keep for a week in an airtight container in your fridge once made.

  • 200g sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 6 peaches, halved & stones removed
Put the sugar & water in a large pan ( I used a deep frying pan) & stir until the sugar dissolves.
Now stop stirring and bring to the boil.
remove from heat and place the peaches flat side down on the pan.
Reduce heat to medium & place back on heat for ten minutes.
Can be served hot or cold.
Place remainders in an airtight container & put in fridge.

Cat Power's newest recording 'SUN' is out....I LOVE her.
This song seems perfect for this post.......


  1. Oh Ruth, how heart-warming! I think it's probably a consequence of the generation raising them. Not wanting to do things the way the Baby Boomers did, they are doing things differently and the tide is turning. The generation after Gen Y will be the ones who make the greatest change. What a gorgeous bunch of kids.

  2. Totally with you on this.
    Gives me great joy to look at my teenage daughters and know they are going to make the world a better place. That's all I want.

  3. Another beautiful piece of writing Ruth! This is why I love Shakespeare so much for this age; it's a challenge that they rise to again and again and they always make me so proud! You should have been around when I used to give blubbering speeches at the end of the second night; I was always overwhelmed. They are beautiful children, I agree and I miss the constant production buzz now that it's over. I love your love of it all! A

  4. How wonderful Ruth! What a great bunch of kids, they look so happy and beaming on the stage! And that song - LOVE it! xo

  5. YES!!!! I went to a dance show at a local high school last night and I thought EXACTLY the same thing! Very few things make me angrier than hearing the old "Kids these days..." chestnut. It simply isn't true. Kids are so hopeful and want so much for themselves and each other and all it takes is for us to lead the way and cheer them on. Brilliant Ruth, I love this xx

  6. I love this post. Teaching a bunch of teens now allows me to see them in ways I hadn't before and just like adults they represent a vast array of personalities. But just as I refuse to believe that "all" of any group is able to be stereotyped I feel just the same about teenagers. The thing I remember most vividly about being a teen myself is the sheer amount of optimism that I had about the world and my place in it. There is nothing at all more important than allowing teenagers to be creative and optimistic in my opinion and it seems that this school production was an excellent vehicle for that. I have no doubt that show will stick with the kids who took part as much as it has with you Ruth. Xxx


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