Monday, 25 November 2013

Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion app

Last week was pretty monumental.

Lots of really fabulous things were going on in my world.

One of them was an email from STEPHANIE! *faints*

YES i know!

Addressed to me!

Oh Em Gee.

For realz!

*faints again*

All this year she has been working hard on turning her Kitchen Bible (AKA The Cooks Companion)  - that SO many, if not ALL Australian kitchens own, into an app for all you peeps who like to have your iPad propped up on your bench.

For so many people this is going to be a game changer- just like the bible was when it was first published all those years ago.

We received our copy soon after it was first published as a wedding present from my brother- a chef trained by her close friend Maggie Beer. Such a perfect gift.

Our copy has moved to other countries and back with us and been cooked from in the many homes we have lived in since that time.  It is the book that most of us turn to when we are stuck for ideas or need to refer to it for some expert advice.
It's pages are sploshed with the stains of me cooking from it time and time again. The marks of a loved cookbook.  Just like I hope my very own will be one day.

Stephanie is also running a little Instagram game with prompts to play along- cooking through the alphabet day by day.
How fun!

A is for : Are you going to join in?

You can download the app by clicking here.

Happy Cooking!

Please note: I received no incentives, money or otherwise, to share this information. I
 just love Stephanie and am happy to share her awesomeness with you because I think you will enjoy it. xxx

Herbie Hancock's Canteloupe Island is as much a classic as Stepanie's bible I reckon ~


  1. Alli @ ducks on the dam25 November 2013 at 14:24

    It seems that it was THE wedding gift when it first came out as we also received one. Love it. Downloaded the app on Friday when it was announced. Such great content. Xx

  2. Brenda @ 13 Acres26 November 2013 at 12:38

    and email from Stephanie! CUE : **faints*** OMG is right! how awesome that must have been Ruth! I can totally see you writing a smashing cook book soon my dear x

  3. Very Cool Ruth getting an email from Stephanie herself and Yes I will be getting the App,nothing better than good wholesome food IMO x

  4. Major score with SA.
    App being downloaded.
    Every friend got Cook's Companion for their 30th and I got three copies for Christmas the year it came out!

  5. Thanks Ruth for reminding me about Stephanie's book that sits very high up on my shelf. I am now going to pull it down for some weekend cooking inspiration! Also very excited about your book - I will be first in line xx


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