Thursday, 29 May 2014

GG's New look


Today is the first day of my lovely new look blog.
There is still a bit of tweaking to get it just right but we are well on our way!

The GORGEOUS new blog header is the work of Swedish illustrator- Anna Lindsten.
I commissioned her to redesign my header after falling in love with her work in Anorak Mag, where I contribute my recipes in each edition.

Quick- go have a look at all her other work here.
How ace is all of her work?
SOOOOOO clever right?!
I gave her a brief outline of what I wanted & left her to it.

The polka dots on the apron are an element you see across my branding that relate to the wedding rings that Mr Girlfriend and I wear made by our very clever friend - five different colour polka dots on a red enamel base, each dot representing one of our five boys. There is a Figgjo pot in there that is a little nod to the ever present Swedish influence in my life.  To long time readers the presence of clogs is self explanatory- the only shoes I own and wear.  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
Thankyou so much Anna!

And I have had lots of help from my super ace friend Bec.
I can't thank her enough for sticking by me despite my tech fail whale sensibilities.
You can visit her online store here.
But I really recommend that you visit her in real life because shopping in real life is totes awesome- just like her.

And also to all the gorgeous 'keep on keeping on' messages of love from my hand-holding buddy over the strait who tells me to keep going when I felt like tossing it all in. Thankyou,  a very big smoochy kiss & a piece of cake too!

I have also started a newsletter which will feature some things that are not shared here on the blog, links to inspiring things and other Good Stuff!  You can subscribe at the very top RHS of the blog.  The first one will go out TOMORROW!  Don't miss out as there is a special announcement about a new project I am putting together!
Be sure to return the complete subscription email to activate your Newsletter too, otherwise you won't get it!

Yay for new improved, changey-moving forward ways!

Shall we celebrate with cake & coffee?


  1. Looks gorgeous, just like you x

  2. Well done Ruth! It's gorgeous! Thanks for the shout out, I'll hold your hand anytime xx

  3. It's perfect! And I'm really looking forward to your newsletter- exciting times for you Ruth!

  4. You go girl! Gradually bringing your dream to life :) x x

  5. EXCITING! High Fives! Super happy help get the GG greatness looking extra spiffy. GO GG!

    Thanks for letting me swear (a lot) at your weird ass puter.


  6. And I love how she is a little moomin inspired too. So perfectly colourful and cheery and inspiring - like the good lady yourself. x

  7. Ruth, it looks fantastic. The header is beautiful. Well done! Now, a couple of Bex and a good lie down.

  8. Looks great your colourful new header x

  9. Ruth this is absolutely perfectly you. I'm also loving the red being the feature text colour now, still punchy but easier for my eyes.

  10. Love the new look lady! xx

  11. Wow! Love the new header! Perfect new look x

  12. Fab new look! Love the redesign. Tad envious. Elinor x

  13. Looks absolutely beautiful, especially the tray of clogs! Congrats. Love Anna's work.


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