Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to make Pakoras

Many years ago.....I'm talking about two decades ago, I made some Pakoras for some friends who had come over to dinner.

I was making a curry feast & the pakoras were the starter. Years later one of my guests told me she had never forgotten those pakoras, yet I hadn't even remembered what I cooked.  Amazing how food can etch memories isn't it, leaving a lasting impression.

Pakoras are one of those super delicious foods that you might eat when you are out at an Indian restaurant and think is too hard to replicate at home. These friends thought I was amazing that I could make these but really they are one of those dishes that are deceptively simple and once you have made them they will become a FAVE because they tick the boxes of being super simple, healthy AND DELICIOUS.

The basic batter is the same and you can add whatever vegetable you like.  The flour that is used is Chickpea flour (also known as Besan or Gram flour) which is gluten free & readily available at good Asian grocers or Health food stores.

I make Cauliflower pakoras most often but as my Kale is growing so beautifully I thought I would give that a go.

It made the most delicious quick lunch on a cold cold Melbourne day when I was craving hot comfort food.

It took me about 15 minutes from Whoah to Go.

The trick with the batter is to get it thick without being too thick that there ends up being more batter than vegetable.
I liken it to a thick pancake batter. 

For this recipe I added the chopped kale & coriander to the batter and then grabbed a handful to fry- if you were using larger cuts of vegetables such as cauliflower florets you would dip the floret into the batter before frying.
The batter recipe remains the same regardless of the veggies you choose to dip so play around and try different ones to find your fave combo.

For larger veggies I often deep fry but these were able to be shallow fried.


For the Pakora batter

  • 1 cup besan flour
  • water 
  • 1 teaspoon cumin powder
  • 1 teaspoon coriander powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • a couple of handfuls of kale chopped coarsely
  • 1/2 bunch fresh coriander
  • rice bran oil

In a large bowl add the Besan four, spices and salt.
Now slowly add water using a whisk to combine to a thick batter.

Pop the Kale and coriander into the batter and coat well.

Heat rice bran oil in a non-stick pan to medium high.
Add a handful of the mix to the pan. I fired 3 at a time.

When brown flip and fry till both sides are nicely brown (3-4 mins each side)

Serve hot.

(I made a quick dipping sauce with some Greek yoghurt, a squirt of Sriracha chilli, salt & chopped coriander)


  1. I made these yonks ago and loved them but have avoided eating them again because of the amount of oil needed to fry them - any hint on how to keep them healthy?

  2. This recipe requires shallow frying rather than deep frying so not much oil at all is required making it a healthier option.
    As long as you deep fry at the correct temp the food should not take on very much of the oil.
    It is tricky to achieve in a home situation I know. I hope you give these a go and enjoy them.

  3. Rosetta is a long time fave. Glad you enjoyed. x

  4. Definitely will now - perfect winter comfort food. Thanks for reminding me how delish these little babies can be.

  5. Your post took me back to some great memories of travelling around India 20 years ago and eating pakoras freshly cooked on the roadside. Ive never thought to make them….no reason, but this post has me craving them especially as winter is on its way. Thank you xx also love the music clip…..just brilliant and had myself and the three little munchkins jiving around the kitchen xxx happy days xx

  6. Oh GG this too reminds me of a long train trip from Rishikesh to Delhi then Jaipur, with some eggplant pakoras and paneer pakoras and 7yo (seven year old!) lemon chutney for my sore tummy made by a Ayurvedic chef I stayed with. Oh and the music clip. Such a top chick!

  7. Fabulous track and video clip - love it!


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