Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mindful or Mindless?

Once upon a time a good mother tried to sit down to watch a 40 minute video piece on being a more mindful mother.

Her intentions were good.

She had set the two littlest (5 & 2) with activities they were happily engaged in.

The silence should have been a sign.

Not a good one.

Quietly. Very quietly....... 4 litres of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) was slipping itself carefully ALL over the floor, into every crevice.  Being sucked up voraciously into the dry floor. The 2yo was just checking to see if I really was being as mindful as I could be.

Clearly not.

Wheels were driving through it.

Hands were slipping through it.

And then........that mindful mother (even taking a few notes to remind myself of the really resonant parts....) only 10 minutes into the bliss of learning about how to give herself to the ones she loved ; came out to check on them only to discover that there was an oil spill of Exxon Valdes proportions quietly seeping into the wooden (THANKFULLY) floor.
You can even see the tracks of the getaway vehicle!
The video still waits......

SO......... for today I feel as if mindless might just be how I roll.

I hope to watch the end tonight.

And then the more mindful me will return.

I am sure you will forgive my current state of mindlessness given the trying circumstances.

Here is the video I was trying to watch....I hope you can get all the way through!

Luckily I had already made  batch of my all in the pot chicken soup when this happened or it would have been take away.
The recipe for my soup is here. 

Here's a song that always takes me to a calm place and gives me strength at the same time.


  1. Oh dear. The silence is always ALWAYS an indicator.
    Yet isn't it a bastard twist of fate, that often, we so crave it that we choose to not remember that with children it almost always means up-to-no-good!
    May I just say, you SO do not need to watch that video.
    Pour a humungous bloody Mary instead. x

  2. If you dealt with that one without screaming and crying and swearing and losing it, then I am totally in awe of you. Big vodka for you tonight Mrs. xx

  3. Oh. My. God. This is where I thank you for being an inspiration. And where I thank the universe that I have only one child under five.

    You are marvelous. xox

  4. WOW, could you hear my sharp intake of breath all the way down your way? Oh my. Enjoy that drink lovely, you've earned it x

  5. Oh my darling. Brilliantly handled -as ever. Fancy being so aware after only 10 minutes. What clever sneaky petes you've got there. Congrats. Hey! It could have been much much worse. And wasn't. xxxx joma

  6. Interesting video and love PJ Harvey too...thanks.
    Hope you have some time and peace this evening to watch it too after the oil spill.

  7. Look at it this way... oiled floors are so in right now...

    Don't have time to look at the long vid at the moment, but PJ Harvey soothes even the wildest of honey badgers. x

  8. Oh darls, you were wanting polished floorboards, yes? ;)
    My sister did the same thing but never managed the getaway- the wheels of her walker kept spinning in the oil slick and she just kept paddling her feet on the spot like Fred Flintstone. Busted.

  9. Oh Ruth, (I know we've already talked about this) but I hope you didn't mind me laughing about it! It wasn't about what they had done, but rather the context of it all, the irony of which I know was not lost on you. An honest to goodness lesson in mindfulness if ever I saw one. I hope those ten minutes viewing went some way towards easing the shock of it and how you responded!

    C xxx

  10. Oh Beware the peaceful moment!

    My crime, involved a large, rather smelly, jar of ben-gay ointment and a five piece sectional couch.

    Great Blog :)


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