Friday 18 May 2012


Tomorrow all around the world gorgeous Jamie O is encouraging people to join him in celebrating Food Revolution Day.

I totes love Jamie. I do.

Look here for more info about Food Revolution Day.

Or watch this- COMPELLING video.

My lovely readers,  you know I feel passionate about this.

About REAL food.

To me it goes hand in hand with living a REAL life.

Being good to yourself.

Being aware.

Looking after our environment.

Looking after our kids.

So tomorrow, I am going to be joining in by teaching my kids a new cooking skill.

It doesn't have to be hard.

All good things begin steps and all that.

Do something that you love!

Maybe you want to join in too?

Cook something with or for your kids.

Invite a friend around and cook together.

Share the meal afterwards.

Print the recipe out for your friend to take away and cook again another time.

Sharing is ace isn't it!

And especially sharing food together.

So tomorrow - let's get REAL together!

Let's chat in the comments about your ideas.

Or over here on my FB page.


Who's in?

Don't forget to have your tunes on in the kitchen- it is WAY more fun to cook with music- and the food tastes better too dontcha know?!!


  1. Well done, Ruth! We'll be part of the revolution here at Jonai Farms, as always, but you've inspired me to make sure I consciously teach the kids another new kitchen skill and then record what we do on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration! :-) Can't wait to see what your lovely brood gets up to.

  2. yes! fantastic! I'm going to get my kids to help me choose and cook their school lunches and recesses for the coming week. Something much tastier and more nutritious than a vegemite sandwich!

  3. Paula / skinnyflatwhite18 May 2012 at 15:55

    I love this idea. Will be joining in.

    Also - wondered if you would be happy to share some suggestions with me on where to take my boys for a good meal in Melbs? We are headed over soon and while we used to live there, it was before kids!!

  4. I only heard about this a couple of days ago but it seems so fantastic. Living in Singapore where every single food item is imported and government housing severky restricts any home gardening ability, the source and integrity of food is something I have thought about a lot. I really look forward to returning to Australia and resuming my own food revolution in an affordable and achievable way. For now I'm just going to try and ensure the vegetables I buy and eat are not fertilised with human excrement, haha gross right?!

  5. I didn't know about Food RevolutionDay until just now but I'm so glad I discovered it. Was feeling very unmotivated but I'm inspired now. I asked my 4.5 year old what she wants to make & she has requested "lots of cupcakes! Mango cupcakes" Better google that one. Viva la revolution!

  6. I am joining in!! As you know the mr is the chef here however I am attempting to make choc chip cookies with my little one today!! I will ping you the pics on instate am.

  7. I'm in! Any excuse to cook! ;-) My 3 year old LOVES cooking so much and ever since he took an interest in cooking (from about 18 months) he's become more and more adventurous in what foods he'll eat. He grows veggies and herbs outside with his dad and excitedly picks them and cooks them with me. A fab way to spend our quiet days at home. It's time to get my fussy pants 20 month old helping too-that might increase his food intake!!!

    Loved your pics on Instagram this morning so Mr 3 & I made walnut bread too. I didn't have all of the right ingredients for the recipe I found, but substituted some pecans, golden syrup instead of honey and a combo of half white and half wholemeal flour. I thought it was going be a disaster but it was delicious!!!!! Even better was the fact we are all still in our pjs at 1:30pm & didn't need to go shopping for lunch supplies!!!!!

  8. This is a fantastic idea...We are in - we totally love Jamie too.

  9. Loved seeing it all unfold on IG! Inspiring stuff.

  10. Sorry I never got to send over my pics. It didn't go as planned, it was just lil ol me cooking in the end. They were all happy to eat it though!
    I felt like the little red hen. :-/


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