Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Today is not really going to plan.....

You know those days where you wish you just get out a big eraser and start over.

Or better still give it a shake and it ALL disappears like an Etch-a-Sketch.

How awesome would that be?!

I love Etch-a-Sketches!

Do you?

There were tears here this morning.

And last night.

And then more......

They were mine.

Watching your children struggle is not pleasant.

Knowing that it is so much better for your kids in the end to NOT rescue them is one of the HARDEST things as a parent to do.

That teaching them resilience is what is best for them.

That teaching them to accept the consequences of their behaviour is what is best for them.

That teaching them to understand that their behaviour has ramifications is best for them.

But sometimes the best path is not the easiest.

In your head you know that you are doing IS the right thing.

Meanwhile your heart BREAKS.


And the tears are just sitting there on the edge caught by surface tension waiting to spill.........

Today is NOT going to plan.

No wonder I hate plans.

I totally suck at them.


This is one of those super dopp easy dishes that is SOOOOO tasty.
Don't you love easy things.
This is great warm or cold and only takes 10 minutes! 
You can vary this salad by adding other things too- like chickpeas or roasted beetroot or what ever other things you like!
Beautiful on it's own or with chicken or Fish.
It is a great vegie dish to cook when you are doing a BBQ too as you can cook the Zucchini on the BBQ.


  • 4 large zucchini, cut into long strips about 1cm thick
  • 100g fetta
  • fresh mint
  • EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
  • S & P
  • Lemon juice ( i used on very juicy lemon)

In a griddle pan add a splosh of EVOO and leave the Zucchini to sit in the pan on medium heat for about 5 minutes per side- or until you can see the lovely char marks on the zucchini.
Turn and do the same to other side.
Repeat for all strips and set aside.
Place into a serving dish and crumble the fetta over.
Do same with the mint.
Now squeeze the lemon juice over and season generously with S &P.
Serve and enjoy!
How easy is that! 

Todays listening pleasure is guaranteed to make the tears spill.........


  1. I hope you don't have too many days like that, Clare Bowditch is just gorgeous, thanks.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry...Motherhood is so difficult. My kids are still young but sometimes I freak out for the times I know we will experience down the road when my heart breaks for them. I'm sending you virtual hugs. Know that you are a good mother, I can tell from your words how much you love your family. I hope it doesn't last long, hang in there!

    I totally agree with the etch-a-sketch idea too. Some days just need some erasing.

  3. Clare, gorgeous and uplifting and beautiful, thank you.
    Your recipe today, a definite for meat free Monday, 10mins, you are marvellous.
    Thank you and hang in there

  4. sending love and strength. Even when there are tears from you, you are still inspiring and man, I am so gonna make me that salad xo

  5. Beautiful recipe and amazing music. The best path is certainly not always the easiest x

  6. it is so hard ... i agree. sometimes harder for us than them when the proverbial is hitting the fan(i haven't worked that out yet!!?)hope all works out. thanks for sharing the delish recipe and gorgeous track in the midst of a 'not-so-excellent' day. Hx

  7. Also, big fan of Mr GG's threads, that is such brightness when trudging through family life hard times

  8. I hope there is some comfort in the knowledge that a lot of us mum's get where you are coming from. In a big family it sometimes seems that each day brings it's own challenges. Perhaps it's the same in all families, big and small. All I know is that good parenting & good loving pays off. You just have to get through each issue and have some faith, which isn't always easy. Hope the latest challenge passes super quick and that your are feeling good again asap xo

  9. I know motherhood is difficult, but isn't it great to be able to connect with other mums through your blog and realise that we all go through the same things as parents. Hang in there, tomorrow is another day and we are right behind you! xT

  10. Oh Ruth. :( It's SO tough this motherhood gig. Flynn's only just 3 and has been exposed to behaviours that, while not at all abnormal or strange in kids, said something about it last night that made me realise I have to teach my kid RESILIENCE against BULLYING now! That is so tough! I am so lost! I don't know what to do! I don't know where to start! He's not BEING bullied, but I think maybe he's feeling a bit lost and feels like maybe he is. Heart you!

  11. Claire. Divine. Love you Mumma. Gx

  12. Never mind the zucchini (which I'm kind of excited about) ... this speaks to my heart GG. My heart is breaking a lot lately & I have moist eyes a lot too & I don't like it. xxx

  13. thanks for that lovely salad. yum! hope today is a better day. that's one of the best lessons we can learn from our children - that tomorrow is indeed a new day. i think as mothers we tend to carry it ALL with us for way too long. but when i look at babies i marvel at how they cannot even know to do this. how they so easily let it all go from day to day. i know as we grow this cannot be a workable way to go about life. but it would be nice to keep this tool tucked away for those times we really need it. and i think it is important to teach our kids consequences, definitely, but we also need them to know that you can make good from any situation and move forward. your children are so lucky they have a smart mama who i do not doubt for a minute provides them with a soft place to land. best wishes to you and your children xx

  14. Yep, I love etcha sketches! I could have written this myself Ruth though my struggles with the small people are different to yours & my heart is aching. "right" isn't easy is it? Hugest hugs xxxx

  15. So lovely reading the previous comments here, to actually feel the solid Motherland under our feet, the united~in~Motherness, all of us in this together.
    It's tough, this Mothering, isn't it? And some days are harder than others.
    Sending hugs and tea to you, dear one. xxx

  16. Massive hugs to you Ruth. You're doing an amazing job and helping lots of us along with you.

    I hope the rest of the week has been easier. It's been a rough couple of weeks at your place. Wishing you good health and peace for the next couple.

  17. I can't even begin to watch that song... waaaaaay too many tears inside! (hehe I just accidentally typed pears instead of tears!! I love that!). I think my 4 year old has given me some of the most gut-wrenchingly awful and beautiful times I've ever experienced... I wouldn't trade them for anything, but wow are the awful ones hard to get through... But through them we get, and if we as mums can let go a little afterwards, and deal with each one only when it comes, without hanging onto the grief in between times, then we will be stronger and more ready to fill the space with love and good things... Like your yummo food!! xoxoxoxoxo


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