Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Fill your own Advent Calendar

This year I ditched the cheesy and cheap advent Calendars & opted for a more permanent solution.

Here he is.

Rocking the stripey tights & clogs I might add!

The cutest 3 foot Saint Nicholas- from my favourite Swedish boutique.

Perfect for my family.

A little empty box big enough for me to stow 5 little treats of my choice each day.

Each box pulls out like a little drawer and you fill it yourself.

A surprise a day till the Night before Christmas.

I have filled it with a mix of little goodies, crafty bits n pieces and some sweet treats in a few.




Only 13 more sleeps peeps!

DO you remember Advent calendars and the joy of the Christmas countdown?


  1. Alli @ ducks on the dam11 December 2013 at 14:39

    I love your Santa! We have several advent calendars of the reuseable variety. I love them. This year we were gifted a lego one which has been great fun.

  2. I tried to buy one of these but they had sold out! Instead I've done little brown paper bags pegged on some twine with various little treats and goodies inside. The kids love it! 13 sleeps eeek! xo

  3. We have the family "heirloom" advent calendar that was made for me and my siblings when we were little. It was made for us by our Norwegian neighbour. So, I claimed it from my Mum last year, and this year filled it again with a little gift each day - my kids take turns to open a gift. The child who doesn't get a gift gets a little choccie. It works well. I love it that I use something that almost 40 years old! It's hessian with a felt candlestick and Santa design, and 24 keyrings on which to hang the gifts. I love the Christmas countdown!!

  4. The Little Red Hen12 December 2013 at 08:27

    Love it. 3 yrs ago I made little felt pockets with numbers in that I peg to bright rik-rack strung across our windows. This yr the 2.5yo 'gets it' & I'm really surprised by how good both she and my 5yo have been about taking turns to open each pocket. Some days have a little sweet treat, others a little toy & others a note about a Christmassy activity we can do or an event we are going to. Tomorrow is the local
    Library's Xmas pantomime which was really fun last yr. Just little things-I'm enjoying their enjoyment:) happy Christmas count down to you & your fam x

  5. That is lovely Ruth,Yes i remember when my children were younger they got every excited about advent calendars xx


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